Whether you have just bought your first home or are updating your current home it can be tricky to know how to complete a room once you have decorated.

Decorating a room is only the beginning, and so many people find it difficult to add those much needed finishing touches to complete their room and make it feel like home. 

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Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can make your house feel more like home after you’ve been hard at work decorating: 

Choose A Complementary Colour Pallete

The colour you have chosen for your walls is only the start of adding personality to your home. Choose furnishing and furniture in a soft palette in stone, biscuit or grey is you want to add a relaxed feeling to your home. Or add in a few bright colours to compliment your personality. A great way to make the rooms in your home feel united is to add in details like cushions, blankets, and artwork with a similar colour palette throughout. 

Add Some Personal Touches 

A sure-fire way to add some personality to your home is to add some personal touches with pictures, ornaments and sentimental items. Whether you hang your favourite family snaps, showcase your nan’s ornaments on a shelf display or display your collection of holiday momentums it will all add to the personality of your home. 

Add Layers And Texture

Make your space really feel at home and cosy by adding in plenty of layers. Even an empty room can feel cosy id you add in some softer textures. Crisp white bedding, chunky knits, a basket full of blankets, some feature curtains and made to measure roller blinds are enough to transform a bare room and turn it into a snuggly hideaway. Don’t forget about the outdoors too! You can add texture to your outside space with the use of throw pillows and blankets to make your evenings in the summer just as cosy as if you were snuggled on your sofa. 

Bring The Outdoors In

For a quick and easy homely space, add some natural elements on your windowsills, ledges, or shelves. You could use house plants, herbs in the kitchen, or flower arrangements in thrown-together vases for a rustic feel. Some small jam jars with faux flowers make a great budget-friendly option. 

Add Some Careful Lighting 

You can make your house feel like a home with simple touches like lighting. If you want to aim for a cosy feeling, steer clear of bright white lights or anything that has blue-tint. Instead, choose hues that add a soft glow to your room. You can make your lighting work really hard and add an extra special effect by using things such as an origami pendant shade. You’re not limited to using electric lighting either, arranging tea lights and candles around the home can be a lovely little way to make it feel cosy and homely. If you want a romantic feel to your bedroom, why not add a few fairy lights for an instant effect. 


These are just five of the easy you can add a touch of homeliness to your house. Is there anything that you have done to your home to make it feel cosier and like home? Please share some of your ideas in the comments below. 

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