making friends when you are three years old

Arlo has just finished one full year of preschool. In that time, he has developed so much.

He is a very independent little boy now, wanting to do most things “all by myself”.

Every day, he bounds excitedly into preschool and returns with new stories to tell.

In the last year and a half, he has also dealt with some other huge changes, such as gaining a sibling, saying goodbye to nappies, his cot, and breastfeeding. It’s been a big year!

Arlo has soared this year, and we have absolutely loved watching him grow.

One of the biggest changes for Arlo this year has been on a social level. He has had more exposure to similar-aged children than ever before, and it has come at an age when he is really ready to embrace it.

At two, he wasn’t very interested in engaging with other children. Now, it’s the first thing he looks to do.

It is lovely how quickly and easily bonds can be made when you are three years old.

For Arlo, every trip to the park is an opportunity to make a new friendship.

I absolutely love watching him form friendships, and listening to him have conversations with other children.

There are a few important friendships that populate Arlo’s life at the moment. Here are a few words from Arlo (transcribed by me):

To the girl next door – Thank you for being my next door neighbour and for being the same age as me (well, six months older – that part is VERY important). Thank you for also being just as obsessed with dinosaurs as I am. I always watch out of the front window to see if your car is at home, and when I hear you in the garden I run straight out to play with you.


(Patiently waiting for our neighbour to get home from nursery so he could show her his new dinosaur sticker book. )

To my preschool friends – Thank you for showing me how fun it is to play with other people. Thank you for choosing me as one of your favourite people to play with. I always come home with loads of stories about my friends, and you are the reason that I look forward to preschool every single day.

To my little brother – Thank you for trying to keep up with me. Now that you can walk, we have really fun games and I especially love it when you chase me around. Thank you for thinking that I am really fun and wanting to join in with everything I am doing. You are very good company and I love that we can play together.



I have teamed up with House of Fraser to write this post in celebration of International Friendship Day. In return, we have been given a voucher to spend at House of Fraser.

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