We all want to love in a spacious and bright home.

However often in life budget and other factors will come into play and we have to settle for something that may be smaller than we want. 


When living in a small house it is important to make the most of every bit of space and light that we can, and this will help to give the house a more comfortable and cosy feel. Today we are going to take a look at ways that we can make a small home feel larger. 

Swap out curtains

One big feature of most rooms in the home is chunky curtains. Curtains help to keel the light out of the room in the evening and will also provide privacy to the homeowner. However, curtains often take up space and this can make a room look and feel smaller. A good alternative to this is blinds or shutters and you can read a guide covering the cost of window shutters to see which will suit you the best. 

Gray on gray

One good way to make a home feel a little bit bigger is to use neutral colours and focus on colour with accessories. Gray is a great choice and light gray tones can instantly make a home feel bigger than it is and this will make a huge difference to you. 

Multitasking furniture 

One of the things that can make a huge difference to the home and make it feel smaller than it is is clutter. We all have furniture in the home to perform different functions however it is important for us to think of ways to streamline this. For example we can instead use a multitasking piece of furniture to perform more than one job in a room without taking up extra floor space. For example this could be an ottoman which is also a storage unit or even a bed with drawers underneath. 

Light it up 

The absolute best way to make a room feel immediately bigger and brighter is to bring in natural light. If you don’t have large windows in your home you may be missing out on a lot of light, and this can make the home look small and dingy. Make sure you have lots of large windows around the house and also choose bright light fittings to bring natural style light to every corner of the house. 

Add mirrors 

Mirrors are the unsung hero of the home and they will make a huge difference to the dynamic of the home. Mirrors help to bring light and reflections to the home and adding a mirror or two to the home will create the illusion of a bigger home. 

Add legs 

One way to make a home feel a little bigger is to swap out your furniture for pieces with legs. One of the things you may notice when you look at your living room is that most of the floor is covered and this makes the space feel cramped. However, if you instead choose a sofa and chairs with legs, you’ll be able to see through to the floor and light will also penetrate this space. It will create the illusion of more space and this can make a hide difference to the house. 


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