Arlo is mainly a trains and planes guy, but there is one other thing that he does show an interest in when we go to childrens’ centres or other places where there are ‘new’ toys: dolls. He loves picking them up, patting them, giving kisses and saying “bee bee, bee bee!” This behaviour has developed in part because of me. I’ve always encouraged him to be gentle with dolls, as I hoped that will help him to be gentle when he came into contact with real babies, and so far this has been the case.

Arlo has loved his baby walker so much, and there have been a few sharing fights with other toddlers when we have been somewhere that has a toy pushchair, so I have a good idea that he would like one of his own.

I started out looking for a cheap plastic umbrella-fold job until I stumbled upon wooden pushchairs. Here are the results of my search.

Pintoy buggy. £34.33 from Amazon.  Plus points for including this photo:

Boys like toy pushchairs too!

I reckon I could have a go at repainting the pink bits a more funky colour, I’m thinking a bright apple green to contrast nicely with the pink bedding.

Another offering from Pintoy. £34.95 from The fact that it’s foldable appeals to me. Some of these other options are quite bulky and not that easy to store away.

Pink is fine, in fact at the moment it’s one of his favourite colours. But I give it approximately one year (until he starts nursery) before pink gets put firmly on the uncool list. But come to think of it, dolls will probably also be on the uncool list by that point too.

This one from HABA is a nice alternative to pink, but a £105 pricetag is totally out of the question.

This number looks like a clear effort to design a pram with unisex appeal. But I’m not really a fan of the smiley dinosaur characters. £58.95.

Another HABA buggy. The design on this one is a little fussy, but I do love the bright colours. £95.86 = Not happening.

I like this one a lot. But again, it’s way too expensive. £89

This is more my style. A simple design and not too girly. Still way more than I would spend, but this is a wishlist after all. £69.95

At £19.99, this one looks like it could be a winner. The white looks lovely on its own, or would make a great base for a paint job.

The jackpot of my search. If you have read my about page, you might recall me mentioning that I have a turquoise obsession. I found this on google images and it appears to no longer be for sale, which is just as well as I’m sure it has a pretty hefty pricetag. But it is so very pretty and totally unisex. WANT.

So, where does this leave us? Well, my search has made me realise that I want to try to avoid an ugly pink plastic pushchair. It has also made me realise that I definitely don’t have the budget for a wooden one, although I am tempted by the more affordable white one. I’m also a bit in love with the idea of restoring an ace second hand one with a fresh paint job (although the cost for the pushchair and the paint would probably wind up costing the same amount as some of the cheaper options I’ve listed in this post). I think we will start with the doll itself and gauge his interest from there before I think about getting Arlo a toy pushchair.

I’ve not even looked at the actual dolls yet. Please tell me that they are all much of a muchness?? I don’t want one that wees and cries. I’ve already got one of those.



  1. See, this sort of thing is like a BOGOF offer in Sainsburys.

    You get to see his happy face now, and then in 15 years time, you get to see his horrified face when you get the family photo album out.


  2. I wouldn’t bet on Arlo moving on from dolls and pink at nursery – the boys at Isabel’s nursery are just as keen on the dolls, prams etc. 🙂

    FWIW totally agree with your decision not to get a cheap umbrella fold jobby. I got one from ebay and the thing is horrible. Material falls off, finger pinches, folds itself up (til Karl bodged it with cable ties) etc.

    I might have to replace it with one of the cheaper wooden ones for Isabel’s birthday…

    1. Ah, that’s another lovely one. You’re not too late at all, but I think I’ve decided to forget about buying MORE toys that take up a large amount of space…. although I do like the idea of a storage cart as a home for unwanted clutter.

  3. Hi! I’ve stumbled across you because I am doing the wooden dolls pram search on google, and what a find, love your blog! Just wondering did you ever buy a pram in the end? I had decided I really wanted to get the moover pram for my daughters first birthday but then came across the pintoy pram and was torn as it’s half the price but not quite as lovely! What to do?!!
    Anyway, nice to have stumbled across you!

    1. Hello – I actually never did get a pram in the end! Decided it would take up a bit too much space in the house. But at 3 years old he still loves playing with them at friends houses / playgroups.

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