I know I’ve mentioned it lots before, but without meeting him in person, it is really hard to grasp just how much Arlo loves trains. All vehicles, really. But trains especially.

Never doubt Arlo’s Thomas the Tank Engine knowledge. If he tells you something about a specific train, it will be fact. Give it twenty years and I’m convinced that we will be seeing Arlo on Mastermind with Thomas as his specialist subject. He knows all the trains. All the colours. All the numbers. His current favourite is Hank, or as Arlo has nicknamed him, ‘First Hank Western’.

He watches train documentaries meant for adults. He watches 20 minute long YouTube videos of a rare steam train chugging slowly down the track. (Boooring!) He LOVES it when Sam’s commute is disrupted by train problems and is brimming with inquisitive questions when he arrives home. If Sam really wants to get in Arlo’s good books, he videos his train journey and sends it to me via Whatsapp for Arlo to guess which part of the line it is.

The boy loves trains.

At around two and a half, Arlo became really interested in spotting the different train services. He can easily identify all the services in South London, and his face was an absolute picture when he discovered a whole new service, the DLR, over the summer.

For a three year old Arlo, the most exciting part of a day out is the travelling part. So, on our recent trip to the transport museum, I made a little film so that I can always remember my boy’s absolute favourite thing when he was small.

Watch below:



  1. Ah, that’s adorable. Arlo is so sweet.

    I think my Thomas and Arlo might be quite similar! Thomas is obviously a year younger, so he’s not quite as up on the different types of trains, but he can differentiate an Underground train from other types and refers to most of the others by their door colours (e.g Overground trains are “Orange trains”). He’s recently learned Southeastern (the bulk of our local trains) and for some I fathomable reason Southern trains are currently referred to as “seventy-two trains”. These are his favourites to watch at the moment and “want to watch seventy-two train at London Bridge” is a phrase we currently hear AT LEAST twenty times a day!

    My husband made the mistake of setting things up over Christmas so that he can watch You Tube videos on the big TV. We had a full on meltdown this morning when I forgot the password to get it working! I don’t totally get what is so interesting about watching trains coming and going, but I do love that he loves it so much and how his face really lights up whenever we go to the station or on a train!

    1. Haha, they sound very similar indeed! We also do youtube on the big screen – lifesaver! Thomas would love it round here, Southerns everywhere : )

  2. Awww, how cute is that. I love little videos for keeping all these little memories (as you know!) It’s so true that his train obsession comes across so much more in video than it ever could in photos or you just talking about it. How amazing is his train knowledge? Wow! x

    1. I wish I could get him talking more, but he tends to go a bit quiet when the camera starts rolling now (which means I’ve obviously overdone it!)

  3. Yes! Totally unprompted, I was laughing my head off behind the camera because it just so exactly summed up what I was trying to capture by filming him. He is hilarious sometimes.

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