Mark Warner are looking for bloggers to join their Blogger Family program. It looks  like a really great opportunity, not only because you get to review holidays, but because it’s clear from this post that they really value a creative blogger/brand relationship that is mutually beneficial and enjoyable.

Instead of doing my usual thing of getting swept up with the reminder of how long it’s been since our last trip anywhere, I thought I’d write about why holidays are important to us, and what the different members of our family most like in a holiday.


Ever the food enthusiast, holidays for Sam are all about eating and drinking well. He likes to make ‘discoveries’, be it a great local restaurant or a decent bar.

It’s a bit of a running joke that Sam never goes on a trip without packing his bird guide, so he can identify the different types of birds he spots. Ditto with his insect book. I honestly could not be less interested, but it keeps him happy, and Arlo has started to get in on the bird-spotting action too now.

Providing for the four of us on our restrictive London budget can be stressful at times, and although I am usually the one found wistfully thinking about holidays, I often think that Sam would be the one to most benefit from a hassle-free family holiday where everything is taken care of and all we have to do is focus on enjoying our time together.

Here are our children:


Neither of them really know much about holidays yet, so hopefully they won’t mind me speaking for them!

Rory would love being somewhere warm enough to not need to wear much clothing. Because he’s ALL about that at the moment. I bet he would really enjoy splashing around in the water too.

Arlo is a complete vehicle-nut, and would be utterly transfixed by the sight of a plane up close, and the whole journey to get there. He would love the fact that he could go swimming all day every day. And I would love to show him a real, sandy beach.

I think he would be in his element, having so much quality time and fun adventures with two de-stressed parents.

And lastly, there’s me:


(Yes, this photo is well old. You will NOT find me in a bikini any time soon.)

To be honest, the novelty of breaking from the normal mundane weekday routine with the kids, and spending lots of quality time together, is what gets me really craving a family break. These days, my main motivation for wanting a holiday is not rest and relaxation, it’s the urge to give my children new experiences.

I’ve written before about how, for me, holidays are prime memory-making opportunities. I remember fun times on holiday more than any other family memories of my childhood. I vividly remember the places we went to, new experiences we tried, and funny things that happened.

 If I get the opportunity to have a sunbathe and maybe even contemplate finishing a whole book, then that would be an amazing bonus.

Obviously, the experiences come first and the family photo opportunities come second. But the combination of the two would be just perfection in my eyes.

As a mum with a camera permanently attached to her hip, here is my ultimate ‘family summer holiday memory-making photo checklist’ :

holidayfaveschecklistRepresenting Mark Warner as a brand ambassador would be an opportunity to expand on what I most love about blogging – sharing my family’s adventures through photos, video, and stories. And what blogger family holiday would be complete without a rich collection of photos?  I would take the greatest pleasure in capturing these moments and sharing them here on my blog. We’ve not done the family holiday thing yet. It would be a first for all of us. And so you’d better believe I’d be recording every single second of it.




  1. We are a family of five, which means that often our holiday doubles to that of a family of four. Weekends away give us that feeling of a well-deserved break and family-time together and don’t break the budget too much.

    1. We haven’t had the budget to do weekends away either, but I’d definitely class a weekend away as a holiday ; ) Must be tricky trying to budget and organise a holiday for a family of 5 when most things are designed for even numbers.

      1. Hi Chloe,

        It can be tricky but not impossible… I cut back on my food shop so that every few months we can afford a weekend away somewhere in Scotland (that’s where we live). Just for family time and to make memories for the kids. x

  2. You have a photo of you on a beach – you beat me at holiday top trumps. I’m not sure we’ll ever go on a holiday but I hope you get to, in a reviewing capacity of course!

    Good luck :D!

    1. Thanks Beth. I’d be pretty ace at vintage holiday top trumps – I’ve been on some really lovely trips away, just nothing for a very long time!

  3. we are a family of 5 and find it so hard for places to fit us all in one room. We have had a few weekend breaks but will go on a big family holiday in the summer. I want the kids to have the same happy childhood memories I had and family holidays played a big part in that x

    1. Eek, looks like the family of 5 holiday thing is tricky. Something I’m going to find out when we get round to having our 3rd!

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