Baby Rory is a fort newbie, but Arlo has been a big fan of the blanket fort for quite some time.

Last year, we went through a phase of having to create a daily fort using a clothes airer and a couple of chairs. We have made split level forts, and forts with a mezzanine. And the current preference involves pulling the floor-length curtains back over the sofa to create a ‘sofa cave’.

But the simplest, easiest blanket fort to make in a flash is the trusty classic, ‘blanket over a table’. This blanket fort also scores extra points for taking up no extra space whatsoever.

Just one simple sheet or blanket can turn an everyday object into something magical. Even as an adult, it’s easy to remember the excitement that a blanket fort brings. It’s not every day that mum let’s you rearrange the furniture for something entirely impractical.




Perfect cold weather activity. Guarantees at least twenty minutes of entertainment.


The Furniture Market are running a competition to win £100 worth of love2shop vouchers. 

Build a fort, take a picture, then post the picture on social media using hashtag #BlanketFortComp and tag @MarketFurniture


  1. Now that’s a nice big roomy fort! Our current one is the same principle but a smaller table and fits Elma just perfectly but without room for anyone or anything else!

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