When you become a parent, your home is well and truly taken over by your kids.

Even if you swore it wouldn’t be the case before they came along, chances are you have toys in every corner, piles of washing to constantly work through and scribble on the walls. It’s just a part of family life, and it’s good to embrace the chaos while they’re little. However, it’s nice to have an area of the home that’s just yours, and a nice tidy bedroom can be the thing to keep you sane. Here are some reasons why a tidy bedroom is important. 

Less stress

Mess really does equate to stress. Even if you’re not particularly house proud (or just have accepted that your home will never look like a show home while you have kids) your bedroom is one space in the home that you have a little more control over. Make it a strictly no kids zone, that way you can easily keep it clean and tidy. Decorate in calming colours, invest in nice bedding and decorative items and spend a little time each day making the bed, swiping up dust with a damp cloth, hanging up clothes and opening the window to let in some fresh air. When you come to bed in the evening you return to a calm and peaceful environment.

Better sleep quality

Less stress can of course mean better sleep quality. Even if the rest of your home looks like a bomb has gone off where your kids wreak havoc with their toys every day, make sure your bedroom is tidy and peaceful. Keep things like the ironing board and washing pile out of your bedroom so you don’t sit in bed seeing that you have these tasks to do which can play on your mind. 

Sense of pride

Many of us have to give up our houseproud qualities when we have children. Kids are naturally messy, they want to play with all of their toys at once, they love messy activities like crafts and baking and there’s always washing to be done, cooking to be done and a whole load of things to do each day meaning we simply dont have time to organise the house from top to bottom every day. But again, a tidy bedroom is something you have control over, it helps you to keep a sense of pride and makes you feel good about yourself. Keeping it simple and getting rid of items you don’t often use can make it easier to keep it in check, this guide to help you declutter your bedroom explains more. 

Romance and ambience

Finally, your room isn’t just a place to sleep but a chance to spend quality time with your partner. As parents we don’t get all that much time without our kids, so a little time each evening just to relax and enjoy each others company can be vital for maintaining a close connection. A clean and tidy room has much more ambience than a messy one, it’s somewhere you’ll actually enjoy spending time. You could light some candles or adjust the lighting using smart bulbs to make it even more relaxing.

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