It’s only taken me half a month to finally get a June snippets post up. And I’m well aware that I haven’t yet created the photo album layouts for May or June, and before long I’ll have July to do too.

Although I really am itching to have time (and spare hands!) to edit my images once more, baby cuddles and toddler wrangling are taking priority for now – the baby stage lasts for such a short time, I’ll miss it when it’s over, and then there’ll be plenty of time for my hobbies.


So, June saw the first glimpses of summer sun, the first seven hour sleep stretches from Rory, Father’s Day, a fun fair, and Rory’s first trip on public transport (to Britmums Live).

June also saw us try out several different sling options for Rory. The Boba 3G feels a better fit for me, but the Manduca is swaying me with all its adjustability options. And I’m loving the Oysterbaby wrap that I won in a competition. I didn’t think I was a wrap kind of person, and I’m still not when out and about. But around the house it is far more comfortable than a SSC, and Rory is in a better position too. For now, I’m sticking with my wrap until he gets too heavy for it.

Trying out a slightly different layout for the snippets posts – the template, which I’ve used a few times in other posts, is from Simple As That.



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