There’s every chance that you’ve asked that question to yourself before.

As modern people, we can find it extremely easy to get in a form of ‘rut’ depending on who we are. We might listen to the same podcast every week, get a coffee from the same cafe each week, enjoy a movie night on the same night every week, conduct a solid 9-6 in the office every day, and perhaps spend our weekends relaxing. Some milestones come and go, but sometimes, the years can go on uninterrupted like this. Sometimes, your soul is yearning for variety to some degree.


Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stability and careful scheduling. But sometimes, taking the time to celebrate life just because can help you brush the dust off your shoulders, view life anew, and become just a little more positive in a general sense. This can help you continually feel renewed. Not only that, but it can help you get out your comfort zone, as then you can start to realize just how amazing your life actually is. How many people yearn for variety and vitality only to take drastic measures and ruin the good they can actually experience? It’s a fabled tale.


So let us help you find some novelty:


Spice Life Milestones Up A Little


It can be worthwhile to change the flow of your life a little, especially around the milestones you are expected to celebrate. For example, why go for a fully traditional wedding when you and your partner are interested in throwing something unique, perhaps opting for unusual entertainment ideas? Why head on that 30th birthday vacation to a resort when you could head to a fair in Europe and enjoy culture? Being a little subversive with the expectations everyone expects you to adopt can help you out of the boring progression of life you’ve seen thousands of times before, and instead give you something new and interesting to experience. There’s nothing wrong with tradition or popular decision-making of course, but there’s nothing wrong with the flipside either.

Celebrate The Small Things


There’s no reason why life milestones are the only events you should be celebrating. Celebrating the small things can help life seem dynamic, fun and enjoyable. For example, why not organize something fun with your friends this weekend? It could be simply such as choosing to shoot a small film, or perhaps simply going out with them and experiencing three escape rooms in one weekend ‘just because.’ This ‘just because’ is something we know all about as children, but as we get older we seem to lose grip on its importance. Don’t let scheduling and regularity dictate you (as far as sensibility allows, of course,) celebrate life as it comes! You never know how much time you might have to do so.


Jump Into Variety


Jumping into variety can be worthwhile. For example, why not try listening to a new podcast this week? Why not try a new album? Something as simple as going to the movies on your split-shift lunch break can help you open up a range of thoughts for the rest of the day, particularly if you see something like noveau French cinema rather than the latest Marvel flick. A little variety is a good thing, and once you start you’ll begin seeing it all around you.


With these tips, the repetition of life and scheduling will cease in favour of nuance, variety and enjoyment

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