It’s one of the most popular cosmetic procedures anywhere in the world and the popularity of breast augmentation shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether you choose to get breast implants in London or a boob job in LA, breast augmentations are always a strong topic of discussion.

But how much do you really know about the procedure? Why do women have it done? And can any cosmetic surgeon do the procedure? There are plenty of myths and negative connotations around boob jobs, and many of them are false and unjustified. In this post, we’ll explore some interesting things you didn’t (but probably should) know about breast augmentation.

There Are Dozens of Reasons Why Women Have Boob Jobs

It’s easy to assume that any woman who goes ahead with breast augmentation simply wants a bigger bust. And while there is some truth to this statement, it’s not the whole truth! Women undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, from a desire to look more attractive to restructuring the breasts after a mastectomy, replacing the fullness and shape of the breasts after pregnancy and even plumping up the shape of the chest after losing a lot of weight.

Breast Augmentation Can Look Incredibly Natural  

In the past, it was perhaps much easier to spot a woman who had undergone a boob job. Whether it was rock hard implants or eccentric proportions that made them much more obvious, breast augmentation was sometimes seen as excessive and extreme. Today, the procedure is much more sophisticated and the techniques used have discretion and a more natural result in mind.  

Women Can “Try Before They Buy”

It might sound a little ludicrous, but wouldn’t you want the opportunity to feel, wear and experience a variety of implant sizes, shapes and types before you let a surgeon operate? Today, women who are considering breast augmentation can try before they buy. This means they’ll have access to a variety of products and bras where they can try out the weight and shape of the implants they’re considering. This helps them make a final and well-informed decision about what they want.

Most Women Can Still Successfully Breastfeed

Just because you’re having breast augmentation, doesn’t mean you can no longer nurse any future babies that might come along. Of course, this can depend on the type of incision and where the implants are placed. Any woman who might have children and who hopes to breastfeed in the future should discuss this with their surgeon at their consultation.

Bigger Implants May Require Multiple Surgeries

If you have smaller breasts and you’re hoping to jump from an A cup to a DD, then it might not be possible to achieve this in one sitting. Women who are hoping to make drastic changes to their chest will be advised to have more than one surgery to build up to the size they want. Again, your surgeon will discuss this with you.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re considering breast augmentation or any other kind of cosmetic procedure, make sure you research all your possible options and find a fully accredited and registered surgeon. 

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