Winter has arrived and, when it comes to the weather, it can sure be a miserable time of the year! One of the places that suffers most is the exterior areas of your home. Plants and flowers decline, the rain and sleet washes away our home’s character that we’ve spent so much time building and all of our presentation goes down the drain for a few months.

However, with an effectively designed front door and surrounding area, your home could be loud and proud all year round. After all, homes need to be inviting places that radiate happiness and warmth. Colour is by far the most essential aspect of your home’s appearance and it should be carefully planned so that your home portrays a positive mood; not a dark and dull demeanour.

This is why you rarely see a house painted black, but it’s not just the colour of the house that matters. It is all the detail and characteristics you put into your front door and home exterior that influences onlookers, guests and even everyone living in the house.

Here, we’ve laid out a few contributing factors and recommended some small tasks you can carry out that’ll inject character and charm into your front door and home’s exterior, from door accessories to plants and outdoor lighting.


Boost Your Doors and Windows with Some Colour

First up, nothing injects colour into your home like a fresh lick of paint. Start by reassessing the colour scheme of your home’s exterior. This doesn’t mean paint the entire house, of course; it is the front door and windows that really count. Have you gone for the right colour with your door and windows?

Giving both a new coat will bring extra life to your home, but it is essential to choose the colour carefully. Go for a bright colour that stands out against your home’s surroundings and brings your door and windows to life.

Avoid dark and dull colours like black, grey or brown that will just add misery on top of misery in the winter. A carefully chosen colour for your door like blue, green, yellow or orange could be just the ticket to giving your home a wonderful presence. Painting your door and windows the same colour will make these essential parts of your home’s exterior stand out from your street, looking tasteful and presentable.

Being On Top of Your Hedges, Flowers and Plant Life

Being in control of any outdoor greenery surrounding your house is another necessity for a presentable home. Through the winter, gardening becomes a far less enticing task, but do what you can to keep on top of those hedges and plant life that may interfere with your home’s appeal. Brush your path down and invest in a compost bin for fallen leaves and other waste.

There are, however, many plants that flourish through the winter. Combine plants like Winter Aconite or Jacqueline Postill with colourful flower pots that add flavour to your path and entryway. As the gardens of other homes wilt and degrade, make yours a cut above the rest.

Winter flowers provide a wonderful injection of colour to the outside of your home, but you need to know which flowers will last. Hanging plants around your front door can also look stunning in the winter months, decorating a doorway and looking flamboyant.

Front Door Accessories: Give Your Door Some Character

When you think of a home, you usually picture the front door, right? The front door gives a home a lot of its personality, which is why keeping its appearance up to scratch is a must. Homes can look extremely dull when the door looks neglected or the door hardware is aged and uncared for. Polishing your door hardware will make it shine throughout winter, but to give your door a whole new, confident persona, invest in some new front door hardware. Knockers, door knobs and handles that stand out add some subtle, yet eye-catching characteristics to your home’s exterior.

Front Door Decoration and Attention

Your entryway is one of the most important parts of your home. People’s first impressions are heavily influenced from the moment people step foot on the path, until the moment they walk through the door. Equally as important as the door hardware that graces your front door is how your entryway is decorated. We’ve already mentioned that things like hanging plants make a huge difference, but other warming features include door mats and festive decorations.

Door mats are both welcoming and practical. They cover an otherwise dull and empty floor to bring a bit of life and perhaps a cheerful joke to your entryway. This is also an excuse to bring in a bit of colour and creativity to your door and help your home create a great first impression. Colour and character can also be very effectively injected into your doorway with festive decorations. Accessories like seasonal wreaths and home-made festive decorations make a home look fun and inviting whilst bringing some much needed vibrancy to the front door.

Effective Lighting Is Essential

A well-lit home is a necessity all year round, but no more so than in the short days and long nights of the winter months. For many of us, once we get close to our home we feel safe and reassured, but that’s not the case for others entering your home. Sometimes, we can forget how dark our exterior is because we know it so well! Door lighting and garden lighting is not too expensive and makes your home look glamorous in the evening, instead of dark and gloomy. Door lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and can look stunning, even in the day when they aren’t illuminating your home’s exterior.

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  1. I love that bold blue door! We’ve painted ours Railings by Farrow & Ball, but I’ve secretly bought a huge pot of Yellowcake, I’m just waiting for the right moment to paint it! I feel a bold and bright front door really makes a world of difference xx Lotte (

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