Visiting a big city can be a fantastic experience and it is great to show your kids around places like London, but it obviously can create a lot of stress as these cities are busy and fast-paced. Therefore, it is important that you know the best ways to explore a large city when you have your kids in tow. Here are a few tips which should help:

 Take Them to Child-Friendly Places

Obviously, one of the best ways to enjoy a city when travelling with children is to take them to the child-friendly destinations and areas. Fortunately, most big cities have all kinds of different options, whether this is a zoo, museum, park or quieter neighbourhoods/districts than the central areas.


Choose Suitable Accommodation

Accommodation is always an important decision when it comes to a holiday or weekend away and particularly when visiting a city with children. Opting for a self-catering apartment or holiday home is smart because it can provide the feeling of being at home, as well as making it easier to keep tabs on them while giving them some freedom and you can also make mealtimes much easier (and more affordable!) also.


Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Following on from this point, children are creatures of habit, so you need to do all that you can to plan each meal time, as opposed to grabbing something at random times throughout the day. As mentioned above, self-catering accommodation is a good option, particularly for breakfast. However, you may want to make a packed lunch which you can enjoy somewhere peaceful like a park, as opposed to trying to get into a cafe when it is busy and stressful. If you do decide to eat out, always think about if it is somewhere that is child-friendly and will have food that the kids will enjoy.


Try Out Different Forms of Transport

Transport is another aspect that you will need to think about and can cause a lot of stress. Kids can get bored quickly, so you might want to think about mixing up how you get around, such as getting on the train at London St Pancras if you are visiting the capital and then trying a rickshaw or a guided bus tour. Additionally, if you decide to use public transport, then you should always try to travel during quiet times and plan your trip in advance.


These tips should help you to manage when visiting a big city with kids and allow you all to have a good time. It is great introducing your child to major cities and there is a lot of fun to be had, but it can also be challenging and stressful which is why you need to know how to reduce stress and travel efficiently and safely.

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