The dining room can be a room in the house that typically ends up cluttered.

It may be because it isn’t used as often as other rooms in the house, but that shouldn’t mean it gets out of hand. Perhaps you’re looking at your dining room and wishing you could organize it well enough to entertain. Here are few tips to get your dining room looking exactly how you want it.


Eat Your Every Meal There

If you’re guilty of eating your meals in front of the TV or allowing the kids to take their meals upstairs while they play, it’s no wonder that the dining room becomes a dumping ground. The more the room is in use, the more you’ll take pride in its appearance. Using the dining room for every not only means you’re less likely to store everything and anything there, but it also encourages families to spend time together and create strong bonds.

Clean Up Afterwards

Once you’ve finished your meal, it’s important to always clear the dining table of dishes, cutlery and glasses. When you’ve had a long day, the last thing you want to do is the dishes, but the longer they stay there, the more of a problem they become. Designating someone to do the dishes each night means that your dining area is left clean, so if you have any surprising visitors first thing in the morning, you can still allow them to sit at a clean table for a cup of coffee.


Be Cut Throat

One of the hardest things people find when it comes to organizing any space is to throw things away. It’s easy to become attached to material possessions or save things ‘just in case’. The golden rule when it comes to parting with objects around the house is, keep it if you need it. When you need to declutter, you have to be cut throat and detach yourself from those material things. If you’ve been given a new wine decanter, it’s okay to throw away or recycle the old one. Keeping things as a backup will only add to your clutter and deprive you of being able to create the space you visualise.

Find a Theme

It’s easier to organise a space if you have a theme for it. Perhaps it’s a particular colour or pattern you like. Maybe you’ve found a material you love. Recently, interior designers have been creating dining room looks around sofas. Dining room sofas are becoming ever more popular and it’s easy to build a design around a piece of furniture. Accessorise the room with the same palette and material. For instance, the dining table cloth or coasters to match.


Storage is important in any room but if you’re using your dining room to store plates, glassware and more, you need storage that’s going to be able to house heavy and possibly bulky items. Investing in furniture like a Welsh Dresser will mean you won’t have to worry about your dining room storage for years.


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