Every home has a very unique scent.

That being said, some houses smell better than others. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house either because there are lots of odours that will develop over time. This is especially the case when you think about overflowing trash, pet mess and even smelly shoes. Even though some smells require way more elbow grease when compared to others, there are many ways for you to try and freshen up your home on a day to day basis. If you want to make sure that you get the best result out of your home’s clean, then there are a few things that you can do to try and help yourself.

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Clean out your Garbage Disposal

If you are noticing a lingering stink in your kitchen then you have to make sure that you check the sink. If you want to get rid of the odour, then try and spray some lemon-scented soap down there. When you have done this, you then need to run the water and then turn it on. Putting lemon rinds down the disposal, if you have one, will help you as well. If you find that the smell is still there afterwards, then put down half a cup of baking soda. Run warm water while you do this if possible.

Refreshing Carpets and Rugs

Tiled and hardwood floors do not absorb smells. Plush carpets do however. This is especially the case after countless pet messes and food spills. You need to try and sprinkle baking soda over the carpet if you can. Make sure that you don’t just do this with problem areas, do it everywhere. You then need to let it sit for a few hours before you vacuum up. The great thing about this method is that it will work for pet beds and even mattresses too.

Deal with your Trash

It’s no surprise that food scraps, leftovers and other forms of waste can easily create a stench that is somewhat unpleasant. Sometimes it’s your trash can that smells the worst though. When you are deep cleaning your kitchen, try and use some baking soda in your trash. This will absorb any liquid and it will also neutralise any odours too. When you have done this, you can then use some disinfectant to kill all of the bacteria that may be remaining.

Simmer Herbs on the Stove

There are many ways for you to make your home smell great. One thing that you can do is simmer some herbs on the stove. Simmer some water with some citrus slices and some lavender if possible. The great thing about doing this is that the heat will permeate the smell and it will help it to travel throughout your home. It can be very easy for you to customise this scent, depending on what you have around the house. If you want something a bit more luxury then you can buy candle fragrance oils online. Candles are a very obvious option if you want to fill your home with a great aroma that you actually love. That being said, you have to make sure that you place them strategically if you want to get the best result. Try and do your best to put a couple of candles where you would not expect them to be, but do not light them. Put a candle in the linen closet, as the linen will absorb the scent of the candles and this will leave it smelling fantastic.

Bring the Outdoors, Inside

Indoor plants are ideal if you want to clean the air. They also help to make your home feel that bit more beautiful as well. Many plants, including gardenias, eucalyptus and even jasmine are very easy to care for and they also help your home to smell beautiful.

Clean your Air Vents

Clip a deodoriser onto your air vents if you can. The great thing about doing this is that as the air passes through, the scent will then transfer throughout the room. If you do this, then you will soon find that you can give your whole home that great, uniform scent in one swoop.  Of course, if you are doing this, then you’ll also want to make sure you clean out your vents at the same time. You would be surprised at how much dust can collect in there, so take the time to wipe them down from time to time. Your home will feel way fresher if you do this, so make sure that you keep that in mind if possible.

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