Whether it is your first home or your third, when it comes to decorating, we all want our house to feel homely, right?

Sometimes this can be a tricky task, especially with new builds, as they are often all one colour (usually white) and can look quite bare. But don’t see this as a challenge; instead, look at it as a blank canvas! With older houses, they can sometimes have quirks such as wooden beams or rustic fireplaces; these features can instantly contribute to making a house feel homely. We are going to take a look at some of the best ways to make your house feel like a home!

 Inject Colour and Patterns

There are a few ways you can go about adding some colour to your interior. For a bolder effect, you can have a feature wall; this is a great way to add some life into the room instantly. The colour choice depends on what sort of vibe you want to create. For example, use a dark colour, like dark green, to create a luxurious and moody vibe.

Dark green living room interior

On the other hand, some interiors stick to the elegant and airy atmosphere, using lighter colours. If a whole wall seems a little too much, you can add colour through the soft furnishings. Having cushion, rugs, ornaments that all feature colour can create a vibrant and welcoming interior.

A light green and brown living room interior with houseplants

By adding patterns, you can have a wall that focuses on the design rather than just a plain colour. Choosing a patterned wall can create an interesting focal point. You don’t want to go too bold with the colour if you do choose this option, monochrome patterns are quite a popular trend at the moment!

Kitchen interior with monochrome patterned walls

If you don’t want a busy wall, another way to introduce patterns is by including decorative cushions, rugs and artwork, for example. These little pieces can create dimensions and make the room feel cosier. You can experiment a bit more with doing this as well, and you can vary what patterns you use.

Blue living room interior

Light Up the Room

The lights you choose can affect the overall atmosphere of the space. In the kitchen, you want to have bright lights that are strategically placed across the room so that you have a well-lit area to prepare food and cook. Whereas, in the bedroom or living room, it is a place to unwind, so you want warmer-toned lighting that creates a cosy and comfy atmosphere. The style of the light is also important because you can create an interesting feature to your interior by choosing a quirky fitting. Vintage ceiling lights work perfectly in kitchens and dining rooms because they create an ample space of light but also add a focal point.

Vintage ceiling light hanging above a dining room table

Add Some Greenery

A brilliant way to make a house feel like a home is to add some plants. Some greenery can make us feel more connected to nature and therefore, more relaxed and calmer. Having a tranquil atmosphere is perfect for creating that homely vibe. Not only do they improve the feel of the room, but plants also make an interior look stunning; they add an essence of elegance and class. Houseplants are also a great option if you don’t have a garden as you can still feel connected to the outdoors.

Home interior featuring houseplants

Decorate the Walls with Things You Love

The best way to make your house feel homely is by decorating it with things that you love and that are meaningful to you. Whether it is pictures of your close ones or an ornament you bought when you were on holiday, they are all perfect for making your house a home! Put up some shelving so that you can decorate them with trinkets, ornaments and cute little bits. Doing this will create a feature on the wall; it will make the space that was once empty more of an attractive focal point.

A decorated shelf and some wall art

Creating an arrangement of photo frames is a trend that has been around for a while now. It is a lovely way to showcase those that mean the most to you! You can also use photos of your favourite places across the world, your favourite bands, or just some pretty things you love. The point of doing this is to make the house your own, to add your stamp and make it your little heaven!

A wall decorated with photos frames

Hopefully, this blog has given you some inspiration and ideas on how you can make your house a home! The most important thing to remember when decorating your house is to ensure that it oozes your personality and showcases the things that you love! By doing this, your house will instantly feel like a home! Do you have any other tips on how you make your house feel like a home?

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