If you’re used to seeing piles of clutter everywhere, chances are, you’re probably feeling the strain of an untidy house.


When your home is cluttered, you might:


  • Struggle to find things you need quickly
  • Regularly trip over things that are covering up your floor space
  • Feel the mental side-effects of an untidy home


Thankfully, you don’t have to let your clutter overwhelm you. 


The first thing you need to do is get rid of anything that no longer deserves a space in your home. This way, you will have made a headstart with your clutter problem.


You should then follow the steps below to make sure your home remains clutter-free for the long-term.


Curb your spending


There will be things you need for your home, but be careful when you’re out shopping. You might be tempted to buy something desirable, be it an ornament, a piece of small furniture, or something else besides, but you’re only asking for trouble if there is no room in your home for what you have bought. So, curb the impulse purchases, and ask yourself: Do I have room for this? If your answer is no, put your spending on hold until there is more room in your home. Chances are, you might decide against the purchase anyway after you have had more time to think.


Get into the habit of donating your older items


When your children start to grow out of the toys they have been playing with, give them away to a worthy cause (the toys, not your kids). When those clothing charity bags come through your door, use them as an incentive to sort through your family’s clothes. And when you see a piece of furniture you really want for your home, make arrangements to donate a similar item you already have at home. These are just a few examples, but you get the point. Donate when you can, because not only will your home have a chance at remaining clutter-free, but you will have the opportunity to be charitable as well.


Find a home for everything


Don’t leave things lying around. Use the space you have to store your personal belongings, even if you need to get creative with the surfaces you have at home. Our useful tips might help you in this regard. Be sure to add more storage too, be that by adding shelves and closets to your home, or by replacing furnishings with their storage alternatives. And for those items that you don’t know what to with, use a self-storage facility for a short time until you have an idea of where those things might go. Check out the usefulness of Quick Self Storage, for example, who provide secure storage for home and business.


Reduce the flow of paper into your home


From junk mail to subscription magazines that you no longer read, you might have all kinds of paper items piling up at home. Thankfully, you can easily stop it. Firstly, recycle the junk mail that comes through your door. Secondly, cancel any subscriptions that add no value to your life. And finally, register with the mailing preference service to stop the flow of junk mail into your home once and for all. After taking these steps, your home’s surface will be free of paper clutter and you will finally manage to pay your bills again once they have stopped disappearing into the mess that used to frequent your home.


A clutter-free home is possible, so follow these suggestions, and enjoy a tidier living space. 

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