Moving day is stressful. You will have a mountain of boxes and furniture items to get from A to B.

You might be reliant on the services of others to get things right for you. And if you’re a parent, you will have your children to consider as well. 


It can be a challenging day, even more stressful than your first family camping trip, especially where the issue of safety is concerned. There are a number of hazards on moving day, and when very young children are thrown into the mix, there is the potential for a lot of accidents and mishaps.


So, let’s consider how you can keep your children safe.


#1: Know the dangers


There are all kinds of dangers on moving day, so it’s important to be aware of them. 


At your current home, your children could fall over the boxes that have been left on the floor, of they could drop them on their toes if they have a go at lifting. At the new home, you may not have had the time to attach safety gates and other child-proofing features, so your children could hurt themselves when they’re exploring the new property. 


Other dangers can include toxic household products that have been removed from your locked cupboards and loose items of furniture that are no longer affixed to walls. 


To keep your children safe, list every possible risk, and do what you can to put safety measures in place. So, you might encourage your children to use a furniture dolly if they want to help you move boxes, for example, provided they don’t try to use it like a skateboard. Check Evo Supplies for some examples. And you might want to give them other jobs to do as a distraction measure against some of the possible dangers. The next couple of points are also a good idea.


#2: Arrange for your children to be elsewhere


Enlist the help of grandparents, neighbours, or family friends on moving day, and get your children out of the house. This way, they won’t get underfoot when people are carrying boxes to and fro, and they won’t be tempted to tamper with something they shouldn’t. You will be a lot less stressed too, as you will know they are being looked after, and you won’t have to hear yourself saying “don’t touch that,” or “get down from there,” on a too-regular basis. 


When your children are safe elsewhere, you might also have the opportunity to child-proof your new home. You will also be able to unpack everything before your children arrive, including the dangerous household items that need to be locked away out of sight.


#3: Create a play area


If you can’t place your children with anybody on moving day, you might want to leave a few toys and games unpacked for them to play with. It might be that you can enlist somebody to play games with them too. So, use one of the rooms that will now be standing empty, and make sure your children have plenty to occupy them. Do the same in your new home while you get on with the busy task of moving and unpacking boxes. There are some fun ideas here on keeping your children busy on moving day. 


Moving day is never going to be stress-free, but where your children are concerned, we hope these suggestions have been useful to you. 

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