Toddlers need to be looked after and can’t always be left to run about themselves with no guidance.

However, this doesn’t mean that your toddler can’t start learning about independence at an early age and have them set up for life.

Here, we are going to tell you about some of the ways that you can give your toddler more independence. Keep reading if you would like some top tips.

Meal Times

One of the best times to teach your toddler about independence is at meal times when they are eating their dinner or breakfast. While they might not have mastered the art of feeding themselves without making a mess, you need to ensure that you give them the chance to learn. Think about starting them off with smaller items that they can easily feed themselves. Soon, they’ll be feeding themselves with a knife and fork and feel great doing it.

Their Own Bed

Does your toddler sleep in their own bed? Many parents let their kids co-sleep  but there are mixed opinions on whether this is best or not. While it is your own decision on where your child sleeps, you should know that letting them sleep in their own bed from an early age can make them more independent. Of course, this transition can be tricky so make sure to read this article from Happy Beds to find out more.

Make Extra Time

One of the reasons why many parents don’t let their kids be independent when they are a toddler is that it can take too long for them to do basic tasks. To get the day moving a little quicker, many parents will dress their kids, brush their hair and feed them. A good way around this is to make some extra time in the mornings to let your kids do these things themselves. If you wake up around 10 minutes earlier, then it won’t matter that they take an extra few minutes to put their socks on!

Take Them To Playgroups

The final way to give your toddler more independence is to take them to playgroups or have them go on playdates. If you allow them to meet other children and let them interact with them on their own, then they will become more independent as time goes on. They might be a little shy at first but getting past this step will help them a lot when they start their education and need to be away from you.

Final Verdict

If you have a toddler who relies on you for everything, then it might be time to let them figure some things out for themselves. Of course, they need to be kept safe, but if you can allow them to feed themselves at meal times or sleep in their own bed then, they will develop some new skills that will help them a lot in the future.


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