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No we’re not talking about the colour green. I’m not going to tell you to paint your walls green, put up forest scene wallpaper and use moss as your carpet. The green, environmentalist movement is going strong right now and we hope it’s here to stay but that pushes out consumerism, so what’s a decorator like you to do if you’re not a fan of minimalist style? You can still be an OTT (over the top) decorator and be eco conscious at the same time. Here’s how to decorate greener without being a minimalist.

Buy used goods

Instead of buying new choose to be eco-conscious by buying used décor and homewares. You can find goodies online by scouring the online classifieds. It’s super easy to setup alerts for things you might be interested in, get daily or weekly newsletters (sent to your email of course – no trees are harmed) and create wish lists. This makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for without having to actually search over and over again for the same goods. If you’re not interested in buying online, check out your local flea markets. Not only does this help the environment but it’ll also help your hip pocket. The more money you save, the more décor you can buy and the less minimalist your home will look.

Buy local

If you’re not interested in buying used, you can stay environmentally friendly by buying locally produced goods instead, even better if they’re handmade by local residents. This not only helps you to be eco conscious but it’s also great for the local economy by helping out small business owners rather than giant corporations by buying homewares from Target or the like. Buying local means less transport which equals a lower carbon footprint for the items you’re buying.

Buy high quality

If used products and locally produced, handmade goods don’t tempt you, or you’re simply after something a little more luxurious for your home, then make sure you buy high quality goods. By buying high quality items, like bamboo bedsheets, plush rugs and throws and embellished cushions, you’ll have to replace the items less often, meaning less products are bought which equals being more environmentally friendly. Not everything needs to be super high quality, but certain things, especially linen and other similar items that get replaced often, should be high quality. Not only will this mean you need to update less, it also means your home will feel more luxurious and decadent.

Buy eco materials

Instead of simply buying high quality goods to reduce your carbon footprint, you can also choose to buy eco materials. The best option however is to merge this two points together by buying ecofriendly high quality products for your home to help cut down on waste and the environmental footprint that comes with manufacturing. Better yet if they’re made locally. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean your home town but even if they’re made and manufactured in your country means you’re spending less miles as a consumer.

The best way to stay “green” while decorating your home is to always keep in mind the above points. Buy used whenever possible. When you can’t, buy high quality in ecofriendly materials that have been made locally. This will help cut down your carbon footprint while decking your home in luxury.


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