Christmas is a season of love and care, where you may be visited by several friends or family members.

Like most people, you may also be considering putting up a Christmas tree and other decorations. Are you looking for some ways to free up some space and better accommodate your visitors? Worry no further; these are a few tips on how you can declutter your home and create space for your Christmas celebrations.


Start by emotionally detaching from the items

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It is relatively easier to clutter your home than to declutter. It all starts by not being able to let go of the old things in your space. These could include clothes, bags, shoes, electronic gadgets, etc. When decluttering, it is best not to attach emotions to the things you need to remove. Being determined is very important in these situations; becoming sentimental about the items you’re taking out might mean stuffing your home again and not making any progress.


Make a list


Making a list of all the items you have to take out of the house is one way to declutter your home and keep focused. Lists make the work more comfortable since you know all that you must declutter. Making a list before decluttering also helps you make peace with yourself before clearing out the items. The plan can involve old clothing, shoes, electronic gadgets, unusable tools, equipment, or anything that takes up too much space. The key to making a list is knowing what is necessary, compared to what is a form of comfort, and trying to be disciplined.


Take your time


Decluttering can be stressful and time-consuming, but it is best if you take your time to clear up your house. When you rush to declutter, you may end up giving up things you never wanted to let go of. When you take your time to declutter, you also become relaxed, which allows you to think things through properly before taking decisions. You get the chance to make critical and analytic decisions about what is essential and what is not. 


Create more storage

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You can consider creating more storage in your home if there is enough room. Families with few or no storage rooms have a high tendency of ending up cluttered. Therefore, you can create extra storage rooms to keep excess items. You can make storage spaces after you have taken out the unwanted items in the house. Also, to clear the floor of your home, you can build new shelves for areas such as the kitchen or shoe racks for your shoes. You can also consider getting self storage in external facilities to keep other items you’re not ready to throw out yet but cannot keep in the house.


Decluttering is a very efficient way of cleaning and creating more space in your home. It is of great importance during the holidays as you’ll need more space to accommodate your guests and decorations. Aside from these tips, you can consider bringing in a few embellishments to avoid taking up too much space. 

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