Planning and creating a nursery is one of the first things that you will do for your newborn.

It can often be your first foray into parenthood and as such it’s a fun project to take on. It is definitely worth getting it all ready before the baby comes home with you as you are then going to have your hands full and you will want to enjoy every moment with your baby rather than having to rush around decorating. The problem is, you have probably not created a nursery before, so where should you start? Well, that’s where we come in as today we share with you how to create the perfect nursery. 

The room choice

In an ideal world, we will all have a room that can be converted into a nursery. However we know that that is not always possible, so if not, think about how you can create a space in part of your home that will have all that your baby needs in it. 

If you do have more space, then you need to choose the best room for a nursery. If you live on a main road, a back room might be better, away from any traffic noise. If you live over several floors, placing the nursery nearest to your room will be best so that you can easily hear any murmurs and cries in the night and won’t have far to wander. Whilst babies do not need much space, they do grow quickly so you might as well make the nursery the room that you want them to stay in over the longer term. This will save you having to redecorate everything in a few years. Some children also dislike the upheaval of moving rooms, so it is easier to situate them in the room that you want them to stay in through their early childhood if possible. 

The sleeping arrangements

You will spend a long time getting the nursery perfect before your new baby arrives, and then you will find that for several weeks or even months, your baby will actually sleep in your room anyway. As such, you might want to look at moses baskets, cribs that attach to your own bed or cots than can fit comfortably into your bedroom. 

When you are choosing the bed, do look into baby mattress reviews, and check out the dimensions of cots so that you can be confident that you are getting the best one for the space available. 

The storage

Small people need a surprising amount of stuff! You will definitely want to pack as much storage as you possibly can into your new nursery. 

If possible, opt for a full size wardrobe, to save you having to replace a baby version in a few years time. It will also give you more space to store clothing and bedding. 

You will want a change table to make nappy changes much easier for you and do opt for one that will store nappies, wipes and nappy bins easily and to hand. 

Where you can you will want to add in boxes and shelves for toys and books to be kept. 

The safety

You will want to ensure that everything in this nursery is as safe as it possibly can be for your newborn. They will be moving around in no time at all, which is when accidents can start to happen.

Attach all furniture to the walls as children love to pull themselves up on things, climb and crawl inside everything. Cover any electric sockets and use cupboard or draw catches where appropriate. Cords can be a danger so avoid them or keep them out of the way. 

Think about how to make it a safe zone for your child from baby to toddler so that they will always be comfortable in their own room. 

The decor

The best way to initially decorate a nursery is to keep it quite neutral. The paint colours, furniture and flooring can then stay around over the years as your child’s tastes change. Do go for a blackout blind as a must as it will ensure a better night’s sleep. 

You can alter the look of the room by changing the soft furnishings and accessories. New curtains and bedding sets can completely change the look of a room or you could go for stickers and splashes of colour to create a geometric design

Think about having an easy to clean floor as accidents can and do happen. Perhaps opt for laminate or carpet that can be bleached. You can always add rugs for texture and these can be swapped out a lot more easily than an entire fitted carpet. 

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