You were not planning for this, but you’re pregnant.

Quiet congratulations while you are sitting there in shock is one thing, but the panic rising about what you should do about it is quite another. Having a baby is not an easy thing to do, especially if you already have children and you know how much they cost to raise. Children are not cheap and babies take more than your time – they take your cash, too. 


When someone tells you the estimated cost of a baby, you don’t consider it that you’ll spend hundreds of thousands before they hit 21. Money is the biggest obstacle to most people having children, and when it’s a child that you haven’t planned for you can feel that you are thrown in at the deep end. You could have a plan with Greenpath financial wellness in place and your older children could have everything that they need, but you’re now in a situation where you must make a choice. Every woman has a choice about what to do with a surprise pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make one right away. You could afford a baby – even if you weren’t planning for it. Below, we’re going to talk you through it!

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You have got nine months to plan this out. There is time to turn things around and make room for a baby. Here’s how to afford it:


  • Do The Free Stuff. Breastfeeding is free, safe bedsharing is free, babywearing is cheaper than paying for a tank of a stroller. You can raise a baby very cheaply when they’re tiny, and where you can you need to do the free stuff. If you have older kids, change many paid activities to free things in the community to allow you to have fun on a budget.
  • Reuse Where You Can. Your older children likely have lots of clothes and toys stashed that they are too big for and you can then repurpose these for your new baby. Reuse things where you can and upcycle everything in your house that you could use for a baby.
  • Sell What You Don’t Need. It’s time for that long-needed garage sale. Purge your home of all of the furniture and trinkets you don’t need and either bank the money for a college fund or start buying the bits that you need for your child. 
  • Capitalise On The Baby Shower. Make it a rule that if people bring you a gift, it’s in nappies, wipes, medicines, creams and the absolute essentials for a baby. You can specify sizes up to toddlerhood and make it so that your friends are helping you to afford those early years. They’ll want to help, so ask!
  • Quit Your Expensive Social Life. Alcohol, smoking, dining out – it all has to go. This is a surprise baby. Make eating out a treat once a month, as you won’t be drinking or smoking through pregnancy those will be an easy money spinner.

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