No one person has lived the same life as another.

We’ve all chartered our own unique journey, but Christmas is the one time of year where we’re all reunited for one glorious day with only one collective goal in mind; to enjoy one another’s company. Our differences can be celebrated, and our worries and hopes can be heard loud and clear.

Through all of this, Christmas is a great time to appreciate what we have. In doing this, we can all set a great precedent for the future too. Ultimately, here’s how to use Christmas as a way to appreciate what you have.

 Look Closely

Christmas is loud, chaotic, and hectic. There’s food to acquire, presents to both buy and wrap, surprises to keep under lock and key, kids to calm down, relatives to catch up with. The list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, for some people, Christmas can feel busier than a full work day. Still, there’s a way to make it seem all worthwhile.

If this is you, find a moment or two to just simply look around. Look at the people you love, and really take note of how much they’re enjoying themselves. Your kids might be having so much fun with their new presents! Perhaps your parents are laughing together for the first time in a while. Or, it could be that everyone is simply getting along on the rarest of occasions. In the end, a happy family is all anyone could ever wish for.

Remember, almost one million people in the UK will spend Christmas completely alone, so count yourself lucky. You could spend your Christmas day volunteering to feed the homeless, or just paying a visit with your family to someone you know will be alone. No matter what kind of family you have, do appreciate the fact that you have one to spend Christmas with.

 Be Bold

There’s a reason everybody puts on a ton of weight during festive celebrations. Christmas is a time for bold decisions, living lives to the fullest with the people you love most. These are all people who know you and inside and out, and despite all your flaws and the mistakes you’ve made in the past year or beyond, they love you anyway. At Christmas, we’re all bolder in our affections.

For example, it’s been reported that Christmas Eve is the most popular day to get engaged, showing just how much the festive energy can propel people into their future with a bang. It’s the time where people have the purer thoughts of ‘what the hell’ and do only what their heart desires. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to pop out and buy a wedding ring and marry someone at your earliest opportunity, but the larger point is that Christmas can be the start of something amazing, rather than just a single day of cheer. By appreciating what you have in your own way, you’re making way for a better future!

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