There are many benefits to getting a new build home. It is easy to see why they are popular, because they are definitely going to be less of a money pit than a much older home that has cracked windows, a leaky roof, and plumbing and electrics that are outdated. You get a say in the home too, if it is being built before you move in, so it can be somewhat of a blank canvas for you. However, one thing that new build homes lack is some elements of character. They are all a cookie-cutter version of each other and things like ornate fireplaces or grand sash windows is something that doesn’t come as standard. 


If you are thinking of getting a new build home then it may make a lot of sense financially. But if you prefer a home that has a bit more character, what can you do to it to really make a difference? Here are some things that you can do to add some character and personality to a new build blank canvas.


Change the windows

As standard, you are likely to get white UPVC windows in a new build home. They are energy-efficient and keep the sound out, so it makes a lot of sense. However, they don’t always look great, depending on the style of home that you want to create. Instead, you could replace them for windows that have a charcoal frame instead for a modern look, which is similar to the style that a lot of bi-fold doors have. You could also think about getting sash windows instead of your current ones, if you want to go for a more classic look on the outside of your home.

Soft furnishings

The soft furnishings in a home are the things that finish off a room and can make it look complete. This could be the blinds that you have on windows, curtains, cushions, throws, and rugs, that can all add style and character to the room. A lot of new build homes will be very neutral in decoration, which is great to use as a blank canvas. If you don’t add any of your own character and personality with your soft furnishings, then it can look like a very generic home. Think about colours, patterns, and textures of your soft furnishings and it can make a big difference.

Add in older elements

The home that you are in may be brand new, but it doesn’t mean that everything in it needs to be brand new. If you want to add some character to the home, then having a combination of new and old can really help. You might have an old ornate mirror that you want to display on the landing or perhaps a vintage side table that used to be your grandmother’s. When it comes to new builds, think about avoiding the ‘show home’ look with how you accessorise and decorate, and make sure that it resembles a real home.


Bring nature indoors

There is a big trend for bringing nature indoors at the moment, and as it adds more to a room that just pops of colour, you can tell that it is a trend that is here to stay. A new build home can look quite generic and beige, so colour from plants and flowers is one of the elements that they help to bring in. They can also help to freshen the air in the home, as well as add some of your own personality and character, which is why they are a must.


New build homes tend to all have a classic look of plastered walls that are then painted white or magnolia. This is a great base to have and makes the home easy to just move into right away. However, this can be a little dull and not really show off your style or personality. Wallpaper isn’t needed in every room, but in one or two rooms it can really make a difference. It can add colour and texture to the room, as well as style, helping it to look much more interesting and stylish. You could even consider just choosing one feature wall with wallpaper, rather than the whole room, to add a completely different element to the design of the room.


How else would you go about adding more style and character to a new build home? There is plenty of good about them but sometimes, adding a little bit more style to them really helps to make them a home. It would be great to hear what you think.

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