One of the big reasons a lot of us love going on holiday is the chance to stay in a relaxing, luxurious hotel room.

Hotel bedrooms often use little touches of luxury that most of us wouldn’t think of doing in our bedrooms at home. If you want to create a haven at home, especially for busy parents, you can take some inspiration from hotel decor and bring some of the luxury life back home with you. For parents, this can be even more relaxing, as you can use these ideas to create a space that’s just for the grown-ups. 

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Invest In Bedding

The best place to start is with your bedding. Think about the best hotels you’ve stayed on. What was the bedding like? Hotels invest in good quality sheets, and pillows, so you should too. Buy the best you can afford. 


Look for a high-thread-count, and sheets that feel soft and nice against your skin. Look for plump, fluffy pillows that will hold their size, and treat yourself to more pillows than you might normally use. Your duvet should be thick and fluffy too, giving you a bed that feel luxurious to sink into, ideal for a stressed parent at the end of the day. 


For the sheets themselves, choose white. White sheets feel crisp, clean, and inviting. For the rest of the bedding, pick a calming colour scheme. 


Get creative with layers on the bed. Most hotel beds have a few layers. As well as a duvet, there will usually be a throw, or a bed runner, to add some more colours, texture, and interest. Do the same, using throws, runners, or extra cushions. 


Add Tech

Smart technology has been appearing in hotel rooms for a few years, and you can use some of these ideas to bring some extra relaxation to your bedroom. 


Go all out and treat yourself to a bed with built in TV. These TVs are built into the frame of the bed, helping it to remain discreet while still allowing you to watch TV in bed. You’ll feel like a star using a TV that is part of the bed. 


Use smart-tech. Whether you’re a Google Home or an Alexa household, you can connect just about everything to a smart assistant, from your lights to your music system. This means you won’t even have to get out of bed to turn out the light after you’ve got comfy. 


Cut Out Clutter

One of the most striking things about a hotel room is the empty space. Even if the rest of the house is a sea of children’s toys, and other clutters, make your bedroom a clutter-free zone. Nobody should be using the bedroom as a playroom, so keep toys out. 


Aim to keep surfaces clear of clutter, so make sure you have plenty of storage, so anything that isn’t meant to be there can be put away quickly. Avoid trailing phone chargers, laundry waiting to be put away, and other clutter, to make your room feel a lot more relaxed. 


Get The Lighting Right

Hotel rooms usually have multiple light sources, so you can adjust the lighting depending on what you need to do. 


As well as the main overhead light, make sure you have some bedside lamps. These should give off a soft, relaxing light, that is bright enough to read by without making you feel too alert or awake. 


If you have a dressing table or makeup mirror, add some brighter lighting around here, so you have a well-lit area for putting on makeup. This is common in hotel rooms, and makes your life easier when you’re getting ready to go out. 


Add Luxe Carpeting

When you step out of bed in the morning, you want your feet to land somewhere soft or inviting. Invest in a quality carpet, or lay a plush rug under the bed. This will feel soft and luxurious on bare feet, starting your day in the right way. This is much than stepping out of bed onto a cold wood floor, or old, scratchy, thinning carpet. 


Add More Mirrors

Hotel bedrooms and bathrooms often have different types of mirror, which can be a great thing to bring in at home. Put a full-length mirror on the bedroom for looking at your whole outfit. 


Choose a well-lit area in the bedroom or bathroom for a large mirror for makeup. A smaller, magnifying mirror is ideal in the bathroom for shaving, makeup details, and tasks like plucking your eyebrows. 


Pile Up The Towels

Who doesn’t love a big, fluffy hotel towel? If you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite bathroom in your bedroom, continue the hotel vibe into the bathroom too. 


Buy plenty of thick, fluffy towels. White is popular in hotels, but only choose this at home if you’re confident that you can keep them looking white and bright. Dingy, greying towels don’t feel luxe. 


Whatever colour you choose, choose towels that are thick, soft, and fluffy. Go large, with a bath sheet, so you can completely wrap yourself in your towel. 


A pair of thick, fluffy bathrobes wouldn’t go amiss either. 


Choose The Right Curtains

Hotels are often in busy areas, meaning there’s a lot of light outside. If you live in a well-lit street, and often find the light is coming into your bedroom and disturbing you, then take some notes from hotel rooms and fit black-out curtains. 


Curtains feel more luxe than blinds, as you have more scope to choose plush textures. Black-out curtains will shut out the light from outside, helping you to sleep deeper. Hang your curtains higher up the wall to make the ceiling took taller, and go long, so they can pool a little a floor level. This looks luxurious. 


With a few sneaky decor touches inspired by your favourite hotel rooms, you can make your bedroom feel like a luxurious, relaxing haven, away from the chaos of the rest of a family home. 

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