Home is where the heart is.

But it can also be where the headache is. Your home should be a place of relaxation and happiness. But all too often it can be a place that brings stress, distraction and discord into family life. And that’s the last thing anyone needs after a long and stressful day at work.


There are all kinds of factors that can inhibit your enjoyment of your home from the ambient temperature to the amount of natural light you’re getting and even what your furniture is made out of. 


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Here we’ll look at some of the ways your home can inadvertently sour your quality of living, and what you can do to rekindle the joy you get from your surroundings and put the happy back in your home…


Start from the outside in


A clean, tidy and cheerful home doesn’t just give you epic bragging rights when you invite guests over, it also helps to actively combat stress, promote wellbeing and get the most out of the time you and your family spend together. 


The impression your home makes on your personal wellbeing begins before you walk through the front door. If your exterior looks worn, grim and forbidding you’re less likely to feel happy and relaxed when you set yourself down in your favourite armchair. It’s time to get your exteriors looking beautiful in time for spring. Time and the elements can take their toll on your exteriors, fading colours, causing previously smooth surfaces to become flaky and creating areas where dust, dirt and grime can accumulate. Using exterior wall coatings from All Weather Coating can revivify your outside walls and make your home’s exterior much more welcoming and cheerful.


If your paths and drive are also looking a little dull and grimy, try jet washing them and taking the time to get rid of those pesky weeds once and for all. Finally, it may also be worth investing in some hardy outdoor plants and flowers, and keeping them out front in a decorative planter so that you always have something green and vibrant to come home to. 


These factors can all increase your home’s kerb appeal, drawing the envy of your neighbours and making your home more desirable for resale when the time eventually comes. More important, however, they can help you fall in love with your home all over again and make you feel happier and more satisfied before you even walk through your front door.


Who says it’s only what’s inside that counts? 


Clutter gotta go


It’s a fact to which we all need to face up. Most of us simply have a little too much stuff. All the items that we keep on display in the home may have started out by adding a little personality and character to your home… but as time goes by and our possessions stack up they become clutter. 


Clutter can start off fairly innocuous- bookshelves brimming over, one too many curios competing for shelf space, wardrobe straining under the weight of all those clothes. Over time, however, it can start to run rampant, bringing calamity to your once well ordered space.  


At best it’s visually distracting, at worst it can exacerbate stress levels, prevent concentration and seriously impact on your mental health over time. All that clutter’s got to go! Even if you can’t bear to part with it, putting it in a cupboard or storage ottoman can free up space, allow you to create better ordered interiors and improve mental wellbeing and relaxation. Don’t have the space to store all your stuff? If you really can’t bear to part with it you might want to consider renting out a storage unit.


Create more empty space


You wouldn’t want your interiors to become cavernous and devoid of personality. But there’s a lot to be said for making then most of your empty space and letting your room’s carefully chosen statement pieces like wall art or bold furniture have a bit more space to breathe.


Aside from cutting back on clutter, other ways in which you can create more empty space might be to get that extension you’ve always been talking about. It can help your familiar home feel new, leave you with more space and significantly add to your home’s resale value.


Say goodbye to synthetics


When our furniture and accessories are made with synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester as well as plastics and chrome can feel unnatural to us on a subconscious level and their look and feel can actually inhibit our relaxation at home. Try substituting these synthetic materials for natural alternatives like cotton, wool, hemp, wood and stone where possible. 


Image by Andrew Neel via Pexels


Let there be natural light


After a day spent under fluorescent or yellow lights at work, you want to make the most of whatever natural light is available to you for as long as the day allows.


Try substituting heavy drapes and curtains for Roman or Venetian blinds. Make sure your windows sparkle and natural light is as abundant as possible. Wherever there’s natural light, there’s usually a view. And if that view contains plants, trees, flowers, birds and animals so much the better. These vestiges of the natural world help us to feel more relaxed and at peace, even when we’re indoors. 


The potential of plants


Houseplants are a wonderful addition to every part of your home. They breathe in carbon dioxide, breathe out oxygen, lend a wonderful splash of colour and life to your space and generally make your home a more pleasant place to be. Their presence in your house can be soothing in times of stress and positivity even on the dullest and greyest of days.


Thanks plants!


Great houseplants to promote peace and wellbeing include;


  • Japanese peace lillies
  • Bromeliads
  • Philodendrons
  • Dracaenas
  • Cacti and succulents


Smells your way to satisfaction at home!


Finally, it’s not only visual stimuli which aid relaxation and wellbeing at home. Never underestimate the power of scent to help you lead a happier home life. 


But don’t waste your money on tacky plug-ins. Invest in an essential oil diffuser, instead. A few drops in water will help to create naturally scented vapour that will help you to craft the perfect mood in every room. 


For home offices think citrus, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus to aid productivity and reduce stress naturally. For the living room try vanilla, sandalwood or cedar. For the kitchen use citrus to create a fresh feeling. And in the bedroom, try jasmine or ylang ylang if you’re feeling sensuous or lavender if you just want to get a good night’s sleep.

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