If you’re from the UK, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the grand tourer.

Think Bentley Continental GT, think Aston Martin DB9 and Rolls-Royce Wraith. All three of these cars are built for long trips, long hours of comfortable driving, and engines that can run to a high level for a long time without overheating. As you would expect, affluent families have wanted a piece of this pie for decades. A 4-seater family grand tourer is a brilliant concept. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of range, comfort, safety, variety of use, and driving enjoyment. It’s something that has finally risen in popularity, giving you lots of different options.


The original tourer?

There’s an Italian mile-muncher race called the Mille-Miglia. It’s an event that spans across Italy and is 1,000 miles. It began in the late 20s and ended in the late 50s. However, it’s recently been revived as the ground tourer has come back with a vengeance. One of the original cars that made the race famous was the Mercedes CLS. The modern version of this beautiful machine is just as stylish but even more impressive. Although it can come as a 2-door, it’s a 4-seater, great for families with children. This setup is called ‘2+2’ and it’s designed to keep a shorter wheelbase, making the car more responsive. The V8 CLS model is quite something. Very quick, great handling, and still has the typical Mercedes comfort. It also has run-flat tyres which are great for those that drive in varying conditions like in the UK. 


The new kid on the block


Porsche is one of the most famous names in endurance racing. It’s little wonder that they make one of the most modern and brilliant 4-seater 4-door grand tourers in the world. The Porsche Panamera is long, sleek, and can blow away many sportscars. It’s also one of the more affordable options as a Used Porsche of this model, comes as low as £83,000. Compared to its rival with similar or lesser performance, that’s quite an anomaly. If you don’t want to buy it outright and just want to live with it for a couple of months, the price per month is £832. Their particular model has just below 5,000 miles and comes in volcanic grey. With a Bose sound system and panoramic roof, it’s interior is full of ebony leather. It’s a fierce but quiet V6 engine is a marvel of modern engineering. It can handle any type of driving style and still give you a better MPG than a V8.


A stallion charges


Maserati is a lesser-known Italian brand but its products overshadow the distance their name has reached. The Quattroporte is a 4-seater and can come as a 4-door, grand tourer. However, it’s the engine that is more geared toward a sporty driver and thus, has a high-revving V8. It’s a different approach to the grand tourer but for those that want bark and bite, this is a very fast and responsive engine. 

The grand tourer is a concept that fits the UK the best. With this type of luxury sports car that can transport your whole family plus luggage, across entire continents, in comfort and style, you will enjoy many road trips. 

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