Bachelor pads have had a bad rep in recent years, or since the concept of that term was initially thought of.

When we think of the term, we think of stained carpets thanks to a strangely named IPA drink, cans all over the table, dust everywhere, curtains drawn and a games console overheating the front room. We think of a mess, perhaps one that isn’t as charming as it might seem upon first glance.


But there’s no reason that your son, leaving his home for the first time, need worry about this. No matter if they’re living in an apartment to study or for work, you can help them out with a little care and consideration. Of course, we are going to omit the potential for them living in student dorms as part of this, because there’s relatively little you can do as a parent to change those circumstances. For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume they are living in their first apartment. For that you might consider:

Showing Them The Ropes

Of course, it’s important to help them establish themselves in the new home. This can be a touchy subject, because as soon as your child moves out, the last thing he likely wants is for you to micromanage everything. But, living with you and living by himself are two different things. Simple helps, such as drawing up different chores on a timetable can help him keep at them. Helping unpack his goods into certain cupboards can help you neatly organize everything. And from there, simply pointing out issues such as a plug socket being overused or a range of other small things you might notice can ensure he starts with the best home possible, provided you approach this in a joking, fun manner, letting him know that if he heeds this advice once, a beautiful place will be his to stay in until he moves on. Also, keep your phone lines open just in case he has any questions about living well. You never know what he might be struggling with.

Helping Them With Furnishings

Furnishing a home, particularly an apartment that was rented unfurnished, can help them move past the young professionals sometimes-struggle of having a place with no furniture. We’re not suggesting that you purchase a vintage french dresser for their dining space, or anything of that calibre. But perhaps investing in something like Nabru Corner Sofas can help him with a beautiful, on-sale sofa. If you split the cost it will always be worthwhile, then at least you know he has two places to lay his head, or another place to sleep if he’s hosting.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Of all the decorations you might implement in a home, plans could be the most important. This is because young bachelor’s aren’t known for their love of stewarding plant pots in their apartments. Simply one in each room can add a little greenery and more life to the entire place, helping it shine more than it might have done previously. This can cost next to nothing, and a nice evergreen or even cactus can give the room a sense of vitality and freshness.

With these simple tips, your son’s bachelor pad is sure to strive far and above the stereotyped example.

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