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No matter how big the house is, staying on top of possessions and keeping everything neat and tidy can seem like an impossible task, especially with children around. Here are four tips to help reclaim your space and bring some order back to the household.

Little Spaces for Little Things

If your kitchen counters, entrance hallway, living room tables or awkward under-stairs spaces have become clutter collectors, it’s time to take back control. Providing receptacles, hooks or shelves for things that ordinarily just get dropped anywhere is the way to go:

  • Put a key rack in a handy location so there’s immediately somewhere to hang them when you come in. Not only are they up off the counter, they won’t get mislaid just when you need them.
  • If physical mail piles up, invest in a letter rack. Either free standing or hanging, it doesn’t matter. Just somewhere to place the post till you get round to dealing with it.
  • Under the stairs, install hooks for coats if there is enough height, or put up a few narrow shelves if space is tight. Having things on shelves makes them easier to find, looks better, and keeps stuff in good condition.
  • Place shoe racks inside wardrobes. Your footwear will stay looking good for longer, and your bedroom floor is no longer an obstacle course.

Make the Most of Furnishings

Storage furniture has come a long way recently, with either modern or reproduction styling that suits most decors. Look for items like side tables with drawers or shelves, and coffee tables that incorporate storage. Some coffee tables have lifting tops, and while these may not be practical for things you use regularly (especially if you need to move coffee cups first), they are fine for items not used every day.

Consider storage needs when you’re buying a new bed. Captain or cabin beds are ideal for older children’s rooms as they often have either desk space or a wardrobe built-in. Choosing multifunctional furniture leaves more floor space free, so there’s still room to play. In the master bedroom, choose an ottoman bed or a divan so you get more storage for spare bedding or towels.

Use Height

Shelves are an often overlooked but practical way to add storage space in any room. For books, ornaments, collectibles or framed photos, getting things up high keeps them out of reach of little fingers and means you can do away with display cabinets or bookcases and reclaim some floor space.

Consider Self Storage

This isn’t as outlandish as it might at first sound. Most people consider self storage as being only for those with big storage needs, but facilities these days are more versatile than that:

  • Lots of different storage room sizes so you don’t pay for space you’re not using.
  • Convenient locations so no long travel times to get to your stuff.
  • Short term rentals from just a week in many cases, so it’s easy to change your mind.
  • Low costs for high security storage for all kinds of family belongings.

Here are some ways people use self storage:

  • For possession rotation — especially useful if you’re into seasonal sports with bulky, large pieces of kit, but just has handy for storing out of season garden machinery and furniture.
  • A safe haven for inherited heirlooms that have real or sentimental value but you don’t want at home.
  • To help with temporary storage when renovating or decorating.
  • Keeping household documents safe, such as deeds, insurance papers, investment documents or small business records. Some self storage facilities provide lockers for rent if you don’t need a whole room.

Trying out just one or two of these tips can make a huge difference. It helps if the whole family is on board to help keep things in order, but hopefully even if they’re not keen to start with, they’ll soon see the benefits.

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