Having kids will always be an exciting and life-changing experience.

You will have to learn a lot to get through this process intact, and many parents are shocked to find just how much fun this whole process can be. With the opportunity to shape the future of a new person, it makes sense to prepare yourself long before they arrive at your door. Your home will be a massive part of this, and ensuring that it survives the storm of raising a child it makes sense to make it somewhat hardier. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the right decor choices for those welcoming children into their home for the first time.


The Walls


Children are notorious for lacking an understanding of what it takes to keep a home intact. They don’t know how much work has gone into achieving the look you’ve been working on for years, and this means that they will often be happy to put their own fun before keeping the place in good shape. Walls often bear the brunt of this, with drawing, spills, and a huge range of other accidents wreaking havoc on this part of the home. Waterproof paint can be a great tool when you’re trying to make this part of your home tougher, making them easier to clean and harder to damage.


The Floors


The floors around your home can also find themselves at the mercy of your children if you’re not careful. Carpets stain extremely easily, and wooden floors can be ruined by dents and scratches. Vinyl flooring is much tougher than fabrics or wood, and will be able to weather the storm with far more strength. Websites like fayflooring.com offer a huge range of flooring options like this, enabling you to maintain the stunning look of your home, without risking it being destroyed by the little ones which will be coming through the door.


The Furniture


Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about furniture. Children can break items like this in a huge range of different ways, from jumping on sofas to falling into bookcases, and this can make it hard to buy items which will be strong enough to cope with them. Instead, it can be a much better idea to simply look for second hand options. While this will give you less choice, it will mean that it doesn’t matter as much if your children break things, as they won’t have cost you very much in the first place.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of building your home up to survive the chaos which can come with children. Many parents struggle with this side of their life, and people often regret not taking measures to prepare their space before they open their doors to little ones. Of course, though, you will have around 9 months to plan for this, and this should make it easy for you to move in the right direction.

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