No huge party-slash-naming day bonanza, no Cbeebies birthday card, no monthly development blog posts, and your birthday present from us is actually a toy from Arlo’s baby days wrapped up again. Shhh.

You have been a victim of a rather shocking case of second child syndrome. But if you ever happen to care in years to come, just know that it wasn’t really Arlo that I was doing all that stuff for anyway, it was really all for me, in an attempt to tick everything off the list of ‘first time mum’ experiences.

Babies don’t care about this stuff. The wrapping paper and cake will probably be your highlight, and there will be plenty of both.

Things you should know about yourself at this age:

You are a real snuggly baby, and you give really great cuddles.

You are a master crawler, and I think you will be well on your way to walking within the next couple of months.

You have six teeth.

You LOVE Arlo, and want to do everything that he is doing.

You can never be trusted alone with a pack of baby wipes.

You always seem SO happy to just be along for the ride, fitting in with what everyone else is doing without complaint.

You love balls, especially watching people kick a ball about.

You babble away like an old man who has lost his teeth, assuming we all understand EXACTLY what you are saying to us.

You have a penchant for the dramatic, with the loudest, most screechy cry EVER – when you are unhappy about something, EVERYONE knows about it.

You like to sleep as close to me as possible. I often wake to find you burrowing your way into my side and under my chin. Once you’ve snuggled in as far as you can, you settle there. This is kind of the best.

You are just so sweet and cheerful. I experience an abundance of joy in everything you do. Those ‘bowled over’ moments – where my emotions suddenly swell with love and pride  – come all too frequently.

See Rory, although you may be afflicted with second child syndrome, the beautiful side of second child syndrome is that your dad and I can better appreciate all the moments (even the bad ones), all the phases and stages, because we know how fleeting they are. It means that when we turn to see you sitting up in bed at 4am, clapping with a beaming grin on your face, we kind of like it.


I took these photos in the very spot where you announced yourself to the world – launching into your life loud and full pelt, and forever changing the lives of the three family members who came before you.





We’ve crossed this space many times every day together, me and you, since that very first time, one year ago.


Here’s Rory’s ‘first year’ video, which is the one thing I did for Arlo that I did manage to also do for Rory:


  1. Ah Chloe I absolutely love this post. I love the video, I love what you have written, for you are right, babies don’t care about that stuff. LL went to nursery on her birthday (bad Mummy!) and got two last minute presents from Tescos, but we adore her and that is all that matters. Although she did have a joint party with Mads who obviously appreciated it more than she did.
    He is gorgeous and I cannot believe it has been a year! Happy Birthday Rory! x

  2. Aww Happy Birthday Rory! I love the video and all your photos, Rory has such a gorgeous smile and a completely infectious giggle, and I bet he had a wonderful day – second child syndrome just means your parents have worked out what’s really important!

  3. Quote “No huge party-slash-naming day bonanza, no Cbeebies birthday card, no monthly development blog posts, and your birthday present from us is actually a toy from Arlo’s baby days wrapped up again. Shhh.”

    You cannot tell me how please these few words have made me! That’s my kind of birthday for a one year old – be they first, second, third or what-ever child! Our son had his first birthday in a hospital canteen because his Grandma was in hospital – the joy she got from seeing him chomp though a piece of cake could never have been replaced with anything else money could have bought.

  4. Ahhh he is gorgeous, I can’t believe he’s one! Happy Birthday Rory. We hardly did anything for Tiger’s birthday either, Cherry had three parties! It was more about the adults though as a one year old is still a baby, they don’t any different! x

  5. Happy happy birthday Rory. I love this post. So true second child sydrome. I am there right with you as Missy Moo is about to be one and although we are having a party for her it was only because we are leaving abroad for two months and it was more of a get everyone together one last time, oh by the way it’s your 1st birthday and while we are at it we are doing your christening on the same day too! Nothing like an all in one for the second child. But I love how you have stay to the true meaning and true important magic part of your little one turning one. What a lovely post and all the amazing photos and video is amazing. Inspiring. I have stopped by a few times before but I will try to be better at it as I love your blog. It really is more for us mommies at first anyways isn’t it? So true!

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