It’s highly important that we get a good night’s sleep if we’re going to be at our brilliant best each and every day.

But alas, this is something that seems to be increasingly difficult to do. For various reasons, more people than ever before are finding it difficult to reach the land of Nod. While there are some things that you can’t control, there are many things you can do that’ll put you on the right track towards sleeping well. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most effective methods.

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What’s Causing the Tossing and Turning?


You might just see the problem as “being unable to sleep,” but as with all problems, there’ll likely be a cause. And if you can identify what that cause is, then you begin the journey towards overcoming it. It could be that you’re drinking too much coffee, for instance. Because caffeine can stay in your system for twelve hours, it’s worth thinking if that mid-afternoon coffee break is really as good for you as you thought! Alcohol and cigarettes can also harm the quality of our sleep, too. They’re just a couple of examples. If none of them apply, take a look at your lifestyle, and try to identify what might be causing the trouble. 


Improve Your Bedroom


You can’t expect to get a good night’s sleep if your bedroom is a mess. Our surroundings really do have an impact on how well we’re able to sleep, because they can have such an impact on our state of mind. So it’s worthwhile looking at your bedroom, and figuring out whether it’s as sleep-friendly as it could or should be. If it’s not, then take a look at giving your bedroom an update: if you need some inspiration, then take a look at You won’t just be breathing new life into your bedroom, you’ll be breathing life into yourself, since it’ll help you to sleep better. 


Calming Down Before Bedtime


While you’d like to think that you’d just fall asleep because it’s dark outside, and time for bed, this won’t always be the case. It’s really important that you take steps to calm your mind down before you try to sleep. If you’ve had a chaotic day, then you can’t expect your mind to switch off just because you’d like to sleep. In the hour before you want to sleep, look at doing things like reading, drinking relaxing tea, and meditating. It’s also recommended that you avoid any screen time, too, since that’ll keep your mind in an alert state. 


Stay Consistent


Finally, remember that your sleeping troubles may not be solved in just one night. It’s really important to build some consistency, which means going to sleep and rising at the same time each day. It will be a little difficult in the beginning, but within a week or so, your body will just be used to it — you will have successfully made it a habit. 

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