Garages sometimes turn into nothing more than a room for storing things that might never be used again.

There are times when the access is so bad to them that you cannot actually get a vehicle into them. In situations such as these, your garage could be put to much better use. It could be converted into something more usable, which could well add value to your home.

The position the garage is in compared to your house can have a bearing on its potential uses, but here are just a few ideas that have been successful for other people in the past.

Utility And Cloakroom

You can make extra space in your home by converting your garage into a utility and cloakroom.  Having equipment such as washing machines out of the kitchen can create an amazing amount of extra space. If all your coats and shoes sit in your hallway when they are not in use, just imagine how much more room you could have and how much tidier your hallway would be.


Running a business from home can take up space and mean that you do not always have the peace and quiet you need to work. Convert your garage to a home office and that could solve all your problems and make working from home much simpler.


Why not give your kids their own space to play in? As long as you make sure it has good lighting and is well ventilated, you could well find that your children love having their own space, especially if you give the decor some attention and make it attractive for them. It can easily be changed as they get older and old toys are removed and replaced with different ones. Not having the clutter of their toys around your home can help to make it easier to clean and will mean you can keep your living room as more of an adult space.


If you are starting to run out of space as your family grows, the first thing you should do is totally declutter your home. It can be surprising how many things we collect and store over time because we might need them one day, but that day never seems to come.  Like all the things you no longer need start to pile up you may well be wondering what to do with them. Call a house clearance company, as they will make it a very simple job and will just come and remove them all for you. Then look at turning your garage into an extra bedroom. With all the clutter gone, you will have the room to do this, perhaps even with its own ensuite.


There is no need to keep paying expensive monthly fees for a gym membership if you convert your garage into a gym. It will need to be well ventilated and if you have room to fit its own shower that could be even better.

Don’t Waste The Space

A garage that is not used for anything is a total waste of space when in reality it could be very useful as something else. Give some thought to what extra room would benefit your family the most and then consider converting your garage to suit.

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