Great Father’s Day presents

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day only comes around once a year (twice if you consider the difference in dates between the UK and US). But unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is often neglected, with half-baked gifts and presents that nobody really needs. Whether it’s a bottle of port or an ill-fitting jumper, it’s time to push the boat out this Father’s Day. Here’s five of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2019. Take a look below:

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Is your dad a fan of film and all things cinema? Big fan of Harry Potter? Well, we have a treat for you. A family ticket for a Warner Brothers Studio Tour will be hugely popular gift. You’ll get to discover how some of your favourite films are made and get your picture taken holding original props from the movies.

One of the most recent Warner Bros Studio Tours is the Making of Harry Potter Tour, which is perfect for a family day out and an amazing gift this Father’s Day. Buy tickets at Warner Brothers Studio Tours  for a day in JK Rowling’s magical universe.

Track day

If your dad’s a petrolhead, it’s well worth looking into sorting out a track-day experience, so he can put his foot down and speed round a circuit. There are many fairly priced track-day experiences across the country, giving car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive some of the fastest and most exotic vehicles on the road.

Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, Dad can buckle up with his co-driver and speed around the track. The great thing about a track day is there’s no speed limit, but don’t worry – Dad will get all the information he needs to ensure he drives safely.

A selection of craft ales

This Father’s Day present is one of the simplest yet foolproof ideas to appease your beer-loving father. Is he always complaining about the lack of good beers in pubs and how everything’s been replaced with weak lagers and commercial brands? Well, you’re in luck. Purchasing a selection of craft ales is the perfect double-edged sword not only to get your Dad a great present but also find some peace and quiet as he falls asleep on the sofa after one too many 6% ales.

There’s a number of craft-ale specialists online, and it only takes a quick Google search to find a site that’s perfect for you. Often, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of beers that will come packaged in a special box delivered to your home.

A spa weekend

This one’s a little more unorthodox. In an era where masculinity is constantly in question, it’s always a good idea to reshape those gender stereotypes and allow your dad a bit of peace, quiet and relaxation. A spa weekend could be the perfect present for your dad this Father’s Day, giving him the chance to get a massage and enjoy some well-earned pampering.

Another positive of the spa weekend is that, most of the time, they come in pairs, so your mum might be willing to subsidise some of the costs when she knows there’s something in it for her, too. There are hundreds of spa experiences across the country, ranging from specialist spa establishments to lavish stately homes. Most of the time, there’s a bar for a tasty meal and a glass of wine after treatments. The perfect day out!

A shaving apron

So far, most of our gift ideas have been on the expensive side, but for people on a budget, the shaving apron is a perfect novelty present to appease your dad’s moans and groans. Fed up of constantly seeing hairs all over the sink after your dad’s had a shave?

The shaving apron puts an end to all this trouble by offering a foolproof method of catching the hairs without sink contamination. The apron goes around Dad’s neck and has suction cups on the other end to stick to the mirror. This catches any falling hairs in the apron, so Dad can chuck it all in the bin when he’s clean shaven. Cheap, effective and hassle-free. The perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Hopefully by now you’ve gained some gift inspiration. But always remember that it’s the thought that counts, and if your dad simply wants to enjoy a few beers in front of the telly, that’s up to him. It’s the least you can do considering the length he’s gone to raise you into the fine, considerate human you are today.

Father’s Day is 16 June in the UK.

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