I will miss…

Catching 30 mins of sun in the garden whilst chatting to my neighbour over the fence about how long it took us to get our respective babies down for their afternoon naps.

Not having to worry about losing socks or packing blankets for trips.

Hardly ever having to use the rain cover.

Feeding Arlo outside to save mess.

Not needing to be militant about bib wearing or Arlo getting cold from dribble patches on his tops.

Not having to take off bulky layers when putting him in the car seat.

Not having to wear bulky layers at all.

Not really having to dress Arlo. Not going out?  Just a nappy is fine then.

Meeting friends in parks, no fear of inadequate crawling space.

Not feeling a need to attend stay and plays and baby groups to keep Arlo entertained, because we can go to the park instead.

The extra energy for 5am starts given by an early sunrise.

Plus countless other little things, because Summer is infinitely better than all the other seasons.


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