You’ve probably spent a lot of time doing up the inside of your home, ensuring that the decor is just right and keeping the place clean and tidy so you can enjoy living in it and not feel embarrassed about having people over, but what about outside?

Sure, you probably mow the lawn and keep things tidy, but have you put any real effort into styling the outside of your home? If not, it might be time to give your home some kerb appeal. Doing so will ensure that everyone’s first impressions of your home are positive, and it will also add value to your home so what are you waiting for?


Paint it


How long has it been since your house’s exterior was last painted? Can’t remember? Much longer than you last painted your interior, right? Now might be the perfect time to give it a fresh lick. Just like anything, our homes collect dust, dirt and other pollutants that can leave them looking grimy and neglected. That’s why repainting the brickwork is one of the most effective ways of boosting your property’s kerb appeal. Traditional white is always good, but if you think it’ll fit in with the surrounding area and not get the neighbours in a tizz, you could go bolder with pastel shades of lavender or mint, or even pink – it really depends on the image you’re trying to convey.


Make it green


One of the simplest ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal is by adding lots of fresh, pretty plants and flowers to the garden surrounding it. Whether you favour fruit trees or pretty peonies, the healthier your garden looks, the better your home will look, Ideally, you should focus on planting flowers around entranceways such as the front door or porch, as well as any paths leading up to the house, for the biggest impact, but any greenery you include in any part of the garden will help.


Look after your lawn


You probably mow your lawn, but do you feed and water it too? If not, it might not be looking as green and lush as it could and this will bring it down a bit. From now on, as well as mowing, do what you can to feed it up and keep it green. You should also make an effort to rake away any dead leaves or debris to keep it looking pristine. Too much like hard work? You could always astroturf it instead – then all you need to do is wash it down with a hose once in a while and it will always look amazing.

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Paint the front door


Painting tour front door is a really simple way to both smarten up the front of the home and give it a bit more personality. Door paint is pretty cheap to buy and these days it comes in every colour from classic black to statement pink so you can really ensure that your door matches your style.


Update the door furniture


As well as giving your door a new lick of paint, you should also think about updating the food furniture – thew letterbox, handles, knocker, etc., too. Most door accessories are made of metal, which means they rust and become less attractive over time, and so replacing them can have a dramatic impact, particularly if you choose high-quality brass replacements that are more stylized like a knocker shaped like a lion’s face or a twisted modern handle, for example. As long as you have a screwdriver you should be able to remove and reattach the door furniture yourself.


Clean the roof and gutters


Nothing will make your home’s exterior look scruffy and neglected faster than a dirty, dishevelled roof and overflowing guttering. So, make an effort to periodically go up there and clean and mend what needs to be cleaned and mended. If you don’t fancy doing this job yourself, it shouldn’t cost too much to have a handyman come in and do it for you.


Focus on light


Lighting can improve the appearance of your house just as well as it can improve your own appearance in photos and selfies, which is why you should not neglect to invest in some decent outdoor lighting if you’re serious about giving your home kerb appeal. Whether it’s solar powers lights lining the driveway, fairy lights hung on the fence or a pendant light to welcome guests on the porch, the more lighting there is around your home’s exterior, the more inviting, clean and spacious it will appear. It’ll be far easier for you to safely navigate your way to the front door in the dark too!

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Clean the paths


Cleaning the paths, driveways and paving tones in your garden, ideally with a pressure washer- is a great way to revamp the space with very little effort. It will get rid of all that built-in dirt and grime and give your paved areas the appearance of being almost as good as new. If you don’t want to repaint your house, you can use a pressure-washer on the walls to bring it back to its beautiful best too.


Hang a wreath


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas – they can be a great way of making your home’s exterior more inviting at any time of the year. They’re also incredibly easy to make using items gathered from the garden or local park. You can use sticks, greenery and flowers to create your very own unique door decorations that everyone will rave about.


Install shutters


You might think that installing shutters, like the ones at Shuttercraft, inside your home will not have much of an impact on the outside of your home, but you would be wrong. You may be better able to see them from the inside of your home, but they will still be visible through your windows from the outside too, and because they are so effortlessly stylish and elegant, they will most definitely enhance your exterior’s appearance too.


Stump for stained glass


Okay, so this is certainly not for everyone, not least because it is a very expensive thing to do, but switching out a window or two, whether in the front door or the main part of your home, for a stained glass design is a great way to really pack a punch and ensure that passers-by will notice your home. You’ll also get endless hours of joy from gazing at your very own piece of art and watching how the light is refracted through its colourful panes.

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Paint the garage door


Do you have a garage taking up a lot of space outside your home? I bet it’s pretty ugly right? If that’s the case, the lowest you can do to beautify it is paint or stain the door as more attractive shade. Grey-lavender and white are always good. Then maybe place a couple of flowerpots on either side to soften it further. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

Use outdoor furniture wisely


Good outdoor furniture can enhance your chrome’s exterior and make it even more inviting, but bad furniture can make it look worse. For example, a couple of plastic garden chairs strewn about the place will look untidy to say the least, whereas a stylish rattan sofa on the porch or a solid wooden loveseat under the window will look great. As well as choosing the furniture wisely, you should be careful to position it properly so that it does not create clutter or look uncomfortable. Then, it’s just a matter of keeping it clean to keep it doing its job.


Paint, mend or replace the fence


If you have a fence that’s basically in good condition, mending any small repairs and repainting it so that it looks fresh and new will work wonders. If your fence has seen better days, you may be better off replacing it altogether.

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Spend some time on your gate


Your front gate is often your guests’ first port of entry onto your property and one of the first parts of your home that anyone sees, so it needs to look good. Iron gates tend to look the most sophisticated, especially when they are painted black or white and well looked after, but if you have a wooden gate, a fresh lick of paint and a new catch can work wonders. Just remember to repaint/seal on a regular basis to keep it looking its best. 


Window boxes


Adding window boxes to your property is a great way to spice up bland walls, which let’s face it are not usually very exciting, with pops of colour and smell. Herbs and fragrant flowers like lavender and geranium are ideal for this, but choose your favourites because it is you who will have to look at and smell them day after day when your windows are open.


Keep on top of it


Because your home’s exterior is…well outside, it will get grubby and worn down far faster than your home’s interior decor, which means you will need to spend a little more time maintaining it, but it will be so worth it when you have the best home on the block!

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