Psst. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?

Time to get your secret giving mission into action and find a gift for your loved one that doesn’t go down like a lead balloon.

If you’ve been married for more years than you remember or just lack inspiration when it comes to buying for your other half then look no further, we’ve got you covered.

You might think that romance doesn’t pay very much of a part of your relationship any longer and this can be especially true when you have young children to take care of and a busy lifestyle that comes with school age children, after school clubs and so on. That’s why often the very best gift you can give to someone is time. Time to go off and do exactly what they choose to do for themselves for one day.

They might need a little encouragement to do that. Very often we feel guilty for stepping back from the role of husband/wife/partner/parent even for a short while but hustle them out of the door with a spa voucher, theatre or sports ticket and you will have officially nailed Valentine’s Day. Just hope they extend the same gift to you and you’ll be even.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you might want to spend more time together so a Valentine treat might mean a day of fun and games with the whole family doing something everyone enjoys. Heading to a theme park, museum or taking part in a day cycling through the countryside for lunch somewhere picturesque might be what everyone needs, so consider an experience rather than a gift.

If you are looking for a small token, you might want to make something personal. Ask about custom frames for my photos and pull out something with just the two of you, pre-children if applicable to remind each other of why you got together in the first place. Choose an image that means a lot to both of you and set it off with a beautiful frame.

If you’re looking to really make an impact, you might consider enlarging it to poster size and surprise them with it already hung on Valentine’s morning.

Image from Pixabay

We don’t all want to be slushy and romantic on Valentine’s Day, but it can be a good excuse to reconnect and show some appreciation to your other half. If you are single then the same applies, show some love to yourself and treat yourself to something special.

Think outside the box, placing experience over value and ask yourself what they would really like given the ideal scenario. Treat them to some time, either spent recharging their batteries doing something they love or spent enjoying a precious day together before the hustle and bustle of school and the working week takes over again.

If all else fails and you’re not convinced your partner is going to get you what you’re looking for, now’s the time to start leaving that spa break catalogue open.

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