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When we moved into our new house, I made a promise to the boys that we could pick fun paint colours for their bedroom walls and make it look ‘all cool’.

Six months later, here we are, no closer to getting it done, and Arlo definitely hasn’t let me forget about it.

The main setback is that we are still saving to buy wardrobes and proper storage for the boys room. Until we have that in place, and know the exact area it will take up in the room, it’s difficult to plan exactly where to put our ‘fun colours’ in terms of wall placement.

Although the project is firmly on the backburner, we do have a plan for what we want to do. Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration for cool children’s bedroom design.

I have a huge love for geometric patterns and shapes, and I think they are a great way of incorporating a bit of playful fun into a children’s bedroom design with longevity. I’ve been pinning away furiously for months now, and want to show you some of our favourite ideas.

I love the effect of painting the bottom third or two thirds of a wall. The colour blocking looks great and really makes a feature out of the wall. I think it definitely looks a lot more modern than painting floor to ceiling wall colour.

This asymmetric door colour is such a simple way to add a bit of playfulness – perfect for a ‘cool’ children’s bedroom. I definitely want to incorporate this idea in the boy’s room once their door has been sanded and primed.

Of all the geometric shapes, I am rather partial to a triangle. I would love to pick around three paint shades and create a few colourful triangles like this in one of the corners of the boys’ bedroom.

I am also toying with the idea of incorporating wall stickers into our geometric bedroom design. I think they are a really quick and simple way to inject some personality into a children’s bedroom, and I know the boys would love them.

wall stickers

From Lego Star Wars to rainbows, TenStickers has wall stickers to suit every child. You can even stick them on wardrobes and beds too. I have visions of incorporating these cloud wall stickers with our triangular painted shapes to create a playful mountain scene. The chalkboard wall stickers would also work very well in the boy’s bedroom.

My favourite thing about a geometric design is that I can see it working from the toddler days up to pre-teen. It’s neither too childish nor too grown up. And it’s an incredibly easy way to incorporate all of our childrens’ favourite colours.

Hopefully I will get round to making my ideas a reality before the Star Wars posters claim squatters rights!


Thank you to TenStickers for partnering with Sorry About The Mess.


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