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Most people are way too hard to buy for when it comes to finding just the right gift. However, those who like a quick drink now and again, especially after a long day at the office, can be fun to shop for. Not only is it possible to get them a bottle of their favourite beverage, but there are other interesting gifts which can bring life to the party. Have you thought about gardening gifts for spirit lovers? If you are looking for something interesting and fun, here are a few ideas to get you started on your quest.

Secret Agent Man

Ok, so maybe your friend or family member really isn’t into spirits so much as they are enthralled with James Bond. If they have a quick martini now and then to celebrate a new 007 Film, why not give them a gift of imported olives in a basket containing a potted olive tree, as a taste of what’s yet to come? A lovely Extra Olives Enthusiasts Kit is available on the Glut.co.uk gardening gifts page. It would be more of a gag gift, but would make a conversation piece over time as that tree begins to grow.

Kits for Making Specialty Liquors

Sometimes you have a friend that is a real spirit lover and at the same time a gardening enthusiast. There are a number of kits on the market with which to turn ordinary liquors into specialty liquors. For example, did you know that sloe gin is tinted red and ‘sweet’ to the taste because of sloe berries? Why not give your friend a sloe berry bush plant so that he/she can flavour their own sloe gin in a season or two when the berries begin growing and are ready to harvest?

What You May Not Know About Juniper Berries

Few people who love spirits ever take the time to discover what gives each liquor its distinctive flavour. Of course we all know that grains comprise the largest group of plants used in distilling liquor, and grapes are used for wine just as hops are used for ale and beer – but juniper berries? How many of you knew that juniper berries are what give gin its distinctive flavour? Why not give your martini-loving, James Bond fanatic friend a juniper plant? Not only would it be a novel idea for someone who ‘has it all’ but for some it would be a conversation piece to remember you by for years and years.

These are just a few ideas that you can ‘pull’ from the garden to give spirit-loving friends for those special occasions when you are at a loss for what to give. Any kind of plant that can be used in brewing, distilling or flavouring liquors would be a really unique and crazy gift. How much more exciting would it be if your friend is also an avid gardener? It’s very likely that other friends who are less creative will simply give them a bottle of spirits. Go for the gusto! Give your friend a gardening gift that they can enjoy long after the bottle is drained.

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