Are you ready to bring your home up to date for the 2020s?

The new decade is starting with a bang; with some truly refreshing trends that reintroduce a feeling of optimism and possibility. Gone are the sparse and severe looks of the early 21st Century – this year, even the greys are warmer, and there’s a subtle glamour about every up to date home that makes it feel vibrant and welcoming. This article will help you work out where to start to bring some of this new energy into your own home.

Back to nature

The state of the Earth is a big concern and that’s reflected in the choices people are making for their homes, which don’t just celebrate our natural environment but support it directly by replacing plastics and highly polluting products with sustainably produced organic ones. You’ll find the recent trend for bringing more wood into the home going a step further – this year, every kind of plant fibre is finding a home indoors. This means wicker furniture, rattan rugs and bamboo structures of every kind. It’s a trend complemented by the use of earthenware materials in floors and for ornamentation – and even traditional Roman clay paint on walls. This is all about patina and subtle textures that do wonderful things with light.

If you don’t have the energy for painting, brighten up your walls with floral-themed wallpaper. Bring plants into your home – including trees, if you have room for them – so that everywhere feels like a garden. And remember that all your plant-based materials, living or dead, are storing carbon and thereby directly helping to combat climate change.

Dramatic windows

What seems set to mark out the 2020s is a combination of natural beauty with a sophisticated sense of splendour. Nowhere is this more visible than in the decoration of windows, which is getting much more elaborate. Think big, theatrical style curtains with pelmets and sashes, heavy on the trimmings, or elegant lambrequins that give your rooms a Turkish, Moroccan or Medieval English look. If you’re concerned that this will overwhelm small rooms, check out for striking wooden window treatments that introduce this kind of drama in a more pared-back form. You can also use little tricks like fitting small, decorative mirrors along the insides of your window niches or hanging up strings of glass beads in front of them in order to do creative things with colour and light. This is a season to be bold.

Strong colours

Speaking of boldness strong colour is really in this year. It’s said that in fashion there’s always room for black, but this decade you’ll finding it giving way to navy blue and dark, bluish shades of purple in everything from wall coverings to bathroom furniture. Purple and dark green are favourites for soft furnishings, nestling in among natural colours like flowers or dark leaves in the garden. Where you need some paler hues, soft greys or pastel pink are the way to go.

Even kitchens are showing their colourful side – all white is a thing of the past, with brightly coloured units and accent pieces making themselves known. At the same time, you’ll find these rooms filling up with art pieces, especially antique paintings in small frames scattered around the walls. The 2020s are all about expressing character.

Comfort matters

When the wider world is full of stressful goings-on, you need to be assured of comfort in your home, and this year’s trends are all about that. Snuggle up in a spacious four poster bed with a sleek iron or steel frame. Lounge around on a curved sofa covered in cushions. Put your feet up on a plump faux suede pouffe. You’ll find soft, fuzzy fabrics everywhere, perfect for long winter nights by the fireside, so wrap yourself up in a warm throw and go with the flow.

A touch of glamour

If all this softness and subtlety sounds smothering, don’t worry. Strong design frequently depends on contrasts and this year’s trends are no different. Metal objects provide a bright, sharp point of focus in these organic rooms. Gold, steel and bronze are the metals of choice, so you won’t be surprised to hear that there’s a big Art Deco revival associated with them. Don’t overdo it but introduce them in the form of occasional tables, floor-standing lamps or small statues to set off the rest of your décor. If you want to take glamour in other directions, mosaics in the kitchen or bathroom are just the thing.

With so much going on, this looks set to be a decade full of creativity and joy. Why not begin ushering it in today?

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