Do you ever wish that your house looked more elegant and stylish?

Think that it takes thousands of pounds to update and upgrade your interior? Most people believe that it takes a sizable budget to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their homes when really all you need is a bit of creativity and a good eye. 


Make your home look more sophisticated little by little with these four simple steps that won’t break the bank.

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Add an area rug

Not only are they a great way to add an extra bit of warmth, texture and soundproofing to a room, but they are the perfect addition to make any space look instantly chic and expensive. An area rug can add a beautiful pop of colour and personality with minimal effort on your end and can completely transform and pull a room together and the larger the rug, the more luxe the look.

While a good quality rug can be an expensive purchase, if you hunt around for long enough, you will be able to find yourself a good bargain, and it’s always a cheaper option than installing completely brand new flooring. Just make sure to look for one that is good quality in colours that complement your room, will last a long time and is durable when it comes to heavy foot traffic. 


Fresh flowers

There’s just something about having fresh flowers in the home that will give any room an instant lift and stylish feel. Having the ability to change the entire mood of a space, flowers are a great way to play around with a room on the cheap. 

Flowers can be used as either a focal point in a room, or as a complement which is something to bear in mind when flower shopping, but brighten up any space either way. Consider placing them in your hallway, for a stylish first impression into your home, on the dining table, or even on your bedside table to set your mood for the day when you wake up. Put them in an elegant vase to make your room’s feel and look more expensive, but without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for something a bit more permanent, then consider investing in some house plants. Not only does a luscious palm or a handful of cute little succulents look great aesthetically, they are also good for you, improving the flow of oxygen and can even give you a mental boost when feeling down. Alternatively, there are some great fake flower and plant options on the market right now, and look so lifelike that you wouldn’t even know the difference. 


Decorate your walls

Home accessories don’t only have to be the trinkets on your shelves or the cushions on your sofa. Accessorising the walls in your home is a great way to add some character and completely change a room, without having to do much. An easy and affordable option to elevate your space, hanging unique artwork on the walls will not only add some unique personality to your home, but it’s also a great way to express your style and get creative. Shop around to find unique art pieces and paintings that no one else would have, or add inspirational quotes and posters. You could even create some paintings yourself or use family photos. Just make sure that you select the right sizes for the walls and rooms that you are decorating, and that you choose frames to compliment both the artwork and the room that they are hanging in. If you really want to go for a super-luxurious feel and go for something a little bit different, you could also go for an oversized wall hanging for that wow effect. 



You might think that to have a stylish and expensive looking home, you need to spend a lot of money on new furniture, but DIY projects are a great, fun way to upgrade your already existing units and wardrobes for much cheaper. Look online for inspiration where you can find tonnes of great ideas and hacks to make your furniture work for you and look custom-built, and therefore expensive. For stylish and expensive looking diy fitted wardrobes, upgrade doors with beautiful vintage knobs for a high-end look that’s unique and reflects your own sense of style and personality. Play with colours and add a vibrant and rich shade of paint for an instant update and add crown moulding to the tops and bottoms to give the illusion of a custom built-in. You can even add some mirrors to the front and wallpaper on the inside to finish off the custom look. Get in touch with your creative side and do it yourself instead of having to pay a fortune for a company to measure, design and install your furniture for you. 

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