If you’ve recently renovated or redecorated your living room, you’re going to want to add some beautiful furniture to go with your gorgeous new space.

Whether the lounge is for the family, just for the grown-ups or needs to do double duty as a space for kids’ play and evenings in for the adults, you can create a great room with this easy furniture upgrades. 



  1. The sofa. Buy the best sofa you can afford. Pick something that is comfortable to sit and lounge. When you shop for a sofa, sit on it in the positions you like to sit in at home to make sure the sofa is comfortable for your favourite lounging positions. Choose something that offers good support for your back. If you have pets or young children, choose a sofa in a fabric that is easy to clean and stands up well to washing. Removable covers are a great family option. 
  2. The coffee table. The coffee table is a hardworking piece of furniture. As well as being loaded with the clutter of family life, the coffee table often does double duty as a storage spot or a foot rest as well. Whether you go for a classic rustic table or modern marble coffee tables, choose something sturdy with a design that fits your decor. 
  3. The TV stand. Make sure you’re buying a TV stand that is the right size for your television. Consider what else you’ll be using the stand for. Lots of us also use our TV stands to also store other electronics like the DVD player, the Sky box or game consoles. If this is you, consider cable management. A stand that hides away cables looks more sleek and much tidier. Think about other storage you might want to include, like a space for DVDs, video games or even just the remote controls. Check the height of the stand you choose too, to make sure it boosts your TV to the right height for comfortable viewing from your sofa. 
  4. Side tables. If not all the seating in your living room is within comfortable reaching distance of the coffee table, add some side tables. Side tables can be used as somewhere to put drinks for chairs that are too far back from the main coffee table, or as somewhere to place lamps to get more light into the room. Tables with storage room underneath are a handy way to clear some clutter from the room, whether you use them to tuck away magazines or small kids’ toys. If you don’t always need extra tables but want them for when guests visit, choose nesting or stackable side tables so you can tuck them away when they’re not in use. 
  5. Extra chairs. Lounge chairs are a great addition to your sofa to add extra seating around the room. For temporary seating that you can pull out when you have more guests, consider floor cushions, ottomans or footstools that can be sat on comfortably, then put away when you don’t need them.

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