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Before you rush out and buy a brand new puppy for your family, why not consider rehoming an animal from your local rescue centre instead? There are thousands of animals desperate for a new home and giving a dog a second chance could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Below you’ll discover the top five reasons why dog rehoming could be right for your family and if this inspires you to look into it more seriously then you can find more information about adoption and rehoming services at the RSPCA who gave more than 55,000 animals a second chance at a new home last year alone!

1. Rehoming is a rewarding experience

When you rehome a dog, it is a really rewarding experience. Many animals have been mistreated before they end up in rehoming centres and this means they require a lot more patience and love. The bond that you develop with the dog as they start to trust you is extremely strong and is something that cannot be beaten.

2. Rescue dogs are healthy dogs

Buying from a breeder these days can be a risk. There are a lot of puppy farms in operation and many don’t care about breeding healthy animals. When you rehome a dog from a shelter it has had all necessary vaccinations as well as being neutered or spayed. Many centres even microchip the pet before you take them home so you know they’re getting the best chance at happiness.

3. It is cheaper

Rehoming a dog is cheaper than buying one from a breeder. In fact, you could save hundreds of pounds. The fact that the animal is spayed/neutered and vaccinated before you take them home means you’ll save money on these bills too.

4. You won’t be encouraging puppy farms

Puppies born on puppy farms are typically raised in very poor conditions. Breeders set up these farms to cater to demand so if more people rehomed a dog instead of buying a puppy then it would decrease demand and hopefully help to discourage puppy farms.

5. You could save a life

It is a sad fact that many rescue dogs are put to sleep purely because they can’t find new homes. While not all animal shelters euthanize animals in their care, they sometimes have to turn down dogs because they simply don’t have enough room to house them.

If shelter cannot be found, the animals are often put to sleep – a terrible outcome. By rehoming a dog you could therefore be quite simply saving a life.

If these reasons have convinced you that adopting a dog is the best option for your family then it is important that you research the best family-friendly breeds that will fit with your lifestyle. Rehoming and adoption centres will give you all the help you need but you can also attend events such as the Discover Dogs Show which is one of the largest dog shows in London and will take place on November 08-09.

The event typically welcomes as many as 34,000 people and 3,000 dogs with as many as 200 different breeds represented so it’s a great way to learn more about these animals and what is required when caring for them. Tickets can be purchased online for adults, seniors, students and children aged 12-15 years while under 12s can enter for free but must still have their own ticket.

The event opens from 10:00-17:00 on both days so you’ll have plenty of time to look round all the different breeds and shop for some vital doggie treats for any existing or prospective pets.

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