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Italy is the perfect place for a memorable family getaway!

While there is plenty of culture and sunshine to please us adults, there are also plenty of activities perfect for children, from exciting water parks to more intimate playgrounds and shows available wherever you go. The Italians are quite famous for how warmly they welcome families and young children, and any trip to this beautiful country is sure to be a memorable one!

There is so much for young children to discover in this vibrant country. With its unique culture, everyone can absorb a touch of the Italian lifestyle and use it to live more rounded lives back home. A big part of the way of life in Italy is the country’s love of food. Renowned for their fresh ingredients bursting with flavour, Italian food is something that has to be discovered, both for adults and children alike! No matter how fussy your kids are when it comes to food, here are some of the local delicacies that we’re sure they will love.

Crema Fritta

Popular in the eastern regions of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche, crema fritta is a treat sure to satisfy even the strongest of sweet tooths! Translated as ‘fried cream’, these little pockets are made of a thick custard that has been breaded and deep fried. The treats are particularly popular during the colder months when vendors serve a bunch of them in paper cones nice and warm. However, these treats also form a key part of the local appetizer menu, meaning you may even find them in restaurants and cafes!

Getalo flavours in Italy


Your kids will love exploring Italy’s beautiful cities with a scoop of local gelato, the Italian take on ice cream. However, on the stunning island of Sicily, a similar frozen dessert is just as adored. Granita is a more water-based take on the classic dessert, with a taste similar to sorbet making it a slightly more mild option compared to its sugary counterparts!

Across Sicily, many locals choose to have this fruity treat as part of their breakfast! A unique trait to granita is its texture, with some regions serving it quite coarse and others serving it smooth, much like sorbet.


Of course, no family holiday to Italy would be complete without trialling all manner of pizzas! The Italian staple comes in various forms and with a range of tastes to discover, giving your kids plenty of opportunities to try something new. The calzone is a classic variation on the pizza, but while walking the streets of Puglia in Southern Italy, you may discover another form.

Panzerotti is a small pastry pocket usually in the shape of a half-moon. Similar to a calzone except with a softer dough, these parcels are stuffed with cheese and tomato and fried to give it a crispy outer layer. Small but filling and with all that pizza goodness your kids will love, this is the perfect way to satisfy hungry tummies!

Pesce Fritto Al Cono

Italy is a country blessed with some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The clear blue Mediterranean waters are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with the kids enjoying the water, while they are also the lifeblood for many coastal communities. Whenever you’re exploring these charming towns and cities, you are likely to find vendors selling pesce fritto al cono – fried seafood served in a cone.

The season and location you visit will affect what seafood is available, as you will be offered the freshest fish, often caught that very morning! Many vendors will fill your cone with all manner of tasty sea treats to enjoy, often with a splash of lemon. This makes pesce fritto al cono an excellent way for your children to be able to experience a range of foods.


The Italian take on the classic doughnut, you will undoubtedly see people frying and selling zeppole no matter where you go on your holiday in Italy. These deep-fried dough balls can come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they are frequently sold by bakeries with decorative tops. Traditionally, however, they are sold as simple, small balls stuffed with flavour. Every kind of stuffing is possible, including custard, chocolate and cream, or you can even find zeppole balls without filling, simply dusted with sugar and ready to eat!

These are just some of the best street foods that you can discover in Italy, but there are many more regional favourites to be found! Choosing villas to rent in Italy as your base to explore this magnificent country will help you discover an authentic Italian experience, one that you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

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