When you have children, your main focus switches to keeping them safe.

While you can’t always protect them against everything, there are some common household accidents which can definitely be avoided.

Here, you’ll discover five common childhood accidents and the best ways to prevent them.

  1. Falls

Falls are a very common cause of childhood accidents. While children, particularly young children, are naturally prone to trips and falls, some can be much more hazardous than others. It’s not always possible to prevent trips and falls, especially outdoors, but there are things you can do in the home to minimise the risks. Placing safety gates on stairs, installing a window stop or locks and ensuring you use anti-slip rugs are just a few ways to control the risks.

  1. Poisoning

Another common childhood accident which can easily be prevented, is poisoning. This largely occurs when young children gain access to cosmetics, cleaning products and medications. You can prevent this risk by keeping locks on cupboards and ensuring any cosmetics are well out of reach.

  1. Falling objects

This is one of the more difficult childhood accidents to avoid. However, it is possible to prevent falling objects from injuring your child. Make sure any heavy items such as lamps, can’t be pulled off from side tables for example. Young children have a tendency to try and climb up everything, which in turn can cause objects to fall on top of them. So, ensure your child can’t use anything to try and climb on top of counters or tables.

Of course, you’ll also want to protect your possessions in case of accidental damage when you have children. You can take out tenants contents insurance to cover accidental damage.

  1. Burns

The majority of childhood burns occur within the kitchen. They can be caused by kettles or pans of boiling water. You should always make sure any pan handles are facing away from your child’s reach. Occasionally, burns and scalds can also occur when giving your child a bath. Always check the temperature of the bath with your elbow to check it isn’t too hot.

  1. Choking

Finally, another common childhood accident which is preventable, is choking. Children have a strong urge to place everything into their mouths. This really increases their risk of choking, particularly if they get hold of something you’ve missed when cleaning. You can also ensure any toys are age appropriate and don’t contain smaller pieces your child could choke on.

These are just five of the most common childhood accidents that can be prevented. However, accidents do happen so it’s also worth having a list of emergency contacts available in case the worst does happen.

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