Did you know that you’ve pretty much been with me 24/7 every day since you were born?

If I’ve not been following right behind you, I’ve always been watching closely from afar, ready to step in when you need me.

But now it is time for you to go it alone.

Well,  not completely alone. There will be people looking after you, but they won’t be as in sync as you and me, or at times as responsive, as they will have other children to look after too. It is time for you to start figuring things out for yourself. How to communicate, how to ask for attention when you need it, how to fight your own battles when it comes to sharing and taking turns.

It is time for you to start learning. To make friends. To take those first smalls steps into school life.

We’ve been together. every step of the way, for three years. When Dada asked if I was going to miss you, I got a lump in my throat. For this part of the journey is yours alone.

I’m trying not to think about the moment you wonder where I am and when I’m coming back. But I know I will be thinking about it. Will the people you are with know how to make you feel reassured? Will you wonder why I’ve left you?

I will try instead to think about all the fun things you will be doing. The toys that I know you love playing with there. The huge open space for you to run around in. How good this is going to be for you and all the things you are going to learn.

And when you come home, oh boy will we make sure you know it was a special day and just how proud we are of you.

first day of preschool

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