When it comes time to give your home a makeover, one obvious question arises.


What should I do?


Knowing your home needs a refresh is one thing, but knowing what to do is another thing altogether. You will need a little bit of inspiration, but thankfully, you are not short of places to find it.


Here are just a few of the places where you can find inspiration for your home’s decor. 


#1: Online blogs


There are loads of interior design blogs online, and they are but a click away. Follow the link to browse just a few of them, and take inspiration from the ideas that the bloggers, both professional and amateur interior designers, present to you. 


#2:This website


Of course, you don’t need to remove yourself away from our website, because we have lots of ideas on our pages. Follow this link, and check out our home design articles, which cover everything from geometric children’s bedroom ideas to useful kitchen design tips. 

#3: Online decorating tools


A good way to visualise your dream home is to use an online decorating tool. Follow the link and use the websites given to plan your colour scheme, style your home using VR, and work out the logistics of a redesign. As an extra bonus, use the visualiser at Mosaic Village. This is useful to you if you’re looking to retile your bathroom or kitchen, with a range of colour options to help you decide on the best options for your home. 


#4: Pinterest


As we have seen already, the internet really is the go-to place for home decor inspiration. But perhaps the best place of all is Pinterest, which is useful for so many things, including finding ideas for interior design. Here, you can take a look at the home design moodboards other people have created, and take inspiration for your own home. You can also create your very own board, using the images available on the site to piece something together scrapbook-style. 


#5: Your favourite things


Think about the things you love, and then design your home accordingly. So, if you loved all things Hollywood, for example, you might take design cues from the home aesthetics you have seen on the screen and replicate them in your home. You might also decorate your home with movie posters and collectable knickknacks that relate to the movies you love. Consider the same for your personal passions, and find ways to bring what you enjoy into your home. 


#6: Other people’s homes


There’s no harm in replicating what other people have done in their homes. So, the next time you’re visiting a friend or family member, have a good nosey around the rooms in their house (with their permission of course), and if you see a particular style or addition that you like, consider how it might look in your home. 


#7: The great outdoors


When you’re out and about, take a look at the shades of blue, green, and other colours that stand out to you, and try to visualise them in your home. Take snapshots of them with your phone and try to match them with the paints from your local hardware store. Visit garden centres too, or places of scenic beauty, and consider how the floral displays you see could be positioned in your home. And head to the seaside and pick up a few pieces from the ground, especially if you like any of these coastal decor ideas on Pinterest. 


With these ideas, you need never be short of inspiration for your home’s decor. But remember to keep your eyes open, as there could be other sources of inspiration, wherever you are. 

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