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Find Sid A Home

Find Sid A Home

We have a new family member for the next month or so –  Sid the Sausage has come to stay, and we’ll be taking him with us on a few of our adventures and activities over the weeks to come.

The idea for Find Sid A Home comes courtesy of Wall’s Pastry and ASDA. Families can collect their Wall’s Pastry Sid from ASDA branches or download an online pack, sign up here, and check off various tasks to earn points.

As well as your cardboard Sid, the Find Sid A Home pack also comes filled with loads of activities and stickers.

The idea is for kids to look after Sid the sausage roll and make him a part of the family – alongside some amazing high value prizes, the family from each region that looks after Sid the best will win a ‘real’ knitted Sid, hence why the competition is called Find Sid A Home.

When our Sid arrived last week, I expected the boys to be thoroughly bemused, but they got the idea straight away, even suggesting some of their own ideas for Sids photo ops. (I hope you like Star Wars, Sid).

One of the best parts is that Sid’s tasks are really fun and easy to fit in with the usual family life, here are a few examples:

Take Sid down the farm
Sid with his Sunday roast
Sid reads a book
Sid goes to the park
Sid goes to football
Sid does a photobomb on family member
Sid at the cinema
Sid with a celebrity
Sid with Santa


Each task has a points value, with tasks such as ‘Take a photo of Sid with a celebrity’ scoring you the big points.

The more points you score, the more you move up your region’s leaderboard. Prizes for the winners from each of the 5 regions include a £200 Haven holiday voucher, £245 Venture Studios photography voucher, and a £75 Virgin Experience voucher.

The five regional Sids:

Walls ASDA Sid the Sausage

Now for all the info:

Here is where you can check if your local store has any Sids in stock, or you can download your pack online.

You can check out the gallery of Sid photos that users have shared so far – it’s great for inspiration!

And don’t forget to share your photos on social media using #FindSidAHome

I’ll be sharing our Sid photos on my Twitter account, so look out for that over the next few weeks.

And if you fancy joining in with the competition too, just head over here to get involved.


Thank you to Walls Pastry for partnering with Sorry About The Mess

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