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It’s easy to feel like children’s parties come around and around again, and it’s hard to think of something unique; particularly when you have more than one child. Racking your brains for something new isn’t easy, so if you’re looking for some inspiration then you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few fun ideas to keep the kids entertained and make it a birthday they’ll never forget.

Organise a visit to the local museum

If you want to mix your party atmosphere with just a smidge of education, then your local museum can be a great choice. Some will offer their own party packages, but, if there isn’t one, you could organise your own activities to keep your guests entertained. Kids will enjoy exploring the different episodes of history and looking at the exhibits – why not make them up your own hide and seek worksheets so they can learn as they go?

Museums will happily help you organise a group trip and the tour guides are full of interesting information that the kids will eat up. With so many different kinds of museums, from science to history, you’re bound to find something they’ll be talking about for hours.

Choose a movie at your local cinema

Cinema tickets can be pricey, but, if there’s a group of you, then take a look at family tickets, which let you take a group of children or young people at a reasonable price for each. Some cinemas will offer birthday party packages, but you don’t really need one – recruit a few friends to help you move the kids from doors to the screen and you should be okay. If you’re happy to invest in your child’s day then you could enquire about a private screening, but if that’s not your thing, then you could also look at the special kids’ screenings on Saturday mornings at most locations.

Take them to a trampoline park

A trampoline birthday party is a great choice if you want maximum fun (and to wear your kids out) without too much running around on your part. Birthday packages will include your very own party host, activities to keep the kids busy like free jump, dodgeball or tumble tracks. There’s often a catering package included too so you can feed everyone after a hard couple of hours on the mats.

Trampoline birthday parties are a great way to let the kids run off and play while you relax with the other adults; thanks to the safety measures in place and plenty of staff, you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of.

Enjoy the fresh air with a picnic in the park

A local park can be a beautiful spot to hold a birthday party which is light on mess and easy on the pocket. Obviously, you need to hope you get the weather, but ask your guests to bring their favourite toy for a teddy bear’s picnic, or plan active games while they have the space to run around.

You can find out whether your destination has its own catering, such as a pavilion or cafe, and, if not, pack your own picnic! If you’re with older children and are feeling adventurous, then a nearby nature park could be a great venue for building dens or spotting wildlife – then eating your lunch inside.

As you can see, children’s birthday parties don’t need to be expensive or hard work. With a little bit of research and planning it’s really simple to give a child a brilliant day!

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